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14 Sep, 2022
Excited about the Moon Festival, Tesla Education students actively participated in activities to welcome a warm and meaningful moon season with friends and teachers.
13 Sep, 2022
Students of Tesla Early Years Education joined their friends, teachers and parents to celebrate the bustling "Moon Festival" with many memorable memories.
7 Sep, 2022
Tesla Education held the Opening Ceremony of the 2022 - 2023 school year with the participation of all students, teachers, and staff.
30 Aug, 2022
We cordially invite parents and children to the "Moon Festival" held at Tesla Early Years Education (Phu Nhuan Campus).
10 Aug, 2022
Moving on to the theme "Freedom of creativity", Primary students have been fully engaged with the last two weeks of the Tesla Summer Camp.
4 Aug, 2022
Ở tuần lễ cuối cùng tại Trại hè Tesla, học sinh Mầm non được thỏa sức khám phá, sáng tạo và học hỏi xoay quanh chủ đề "STEAM".
29 Jul, 2022
Exclusively for students from 6 to 11 years old, Tesla Summer Camp continues with the theme "Explore the Universe".
28 Jul, 2022
Inspired by the Hawaiian tropical island, Tesla Early Years Education have successfully organized the bright summer Hawaiian Hullabaloo Festival.
20 Jul, 2022
Continuing Tesla Summer Camp for Early Years, the students went through a lot of learning and exploration under two themes, “Summer Olympics” and “Magic Land".
19 Jul, 2022
Following the theme "Explore the universe" at Tesla Summer Camp, the astronomy camping night at the school brought students plenty of unforgettable experiences.
12 Jul, 2022
The second stage of Tesla Summer Camp with the theme of "Community Connection" has given primary students a lot of useful discoveries.
6 Jul, 2022
TESLA SUMMER FUN DAY brought parents and children great moments at Tesla Early Years Education in Phu Nhuan Campus.
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