The Assistant to Head of School is a position reporting directly to the Head of School (HOS). While the HOS is responsible for supervision of the operational department leaders, the Assistant is primarily responsible for supporting HOS in ensuring the implemented systems and processes operate smoothly. In addition to coordination of a wide variety of projects, activities and/or events for the HOS, the Assistant compiles data from a wide variety of sources (e.g. staff, Board members, community organizations, etc.) for the purpose of preparing reports, making recommendations; and/or preparing information for the HOS.


  • Maintain, organize, and update the Head of School’s files and weekly schedule.
  • Assist with the management of the HOS office and related projects.
  • Coordinate the work flow of the HOS office by maintaining correspondence and personnel files.
  • Coordinate meetings, make appointments, and create useful platforms to enhance the communication between the HOS and the entire school community.
  • Develop clear processes for the HOS to monitor and supervise all operational departments:

– Assist in project management with operational leaders to ensure timelines reflect appropriate prioritization as it pertains to student safety, learning, and staff requirements.

– Collect appropriate data and reports from operational leaders to provide HOS with relevant data for future strategic planning.

  • Provide consistent updates in regards to the purchasing process and budgetary concerns:

– Coordinate with Ms. Hue and Accounting to ensure transparent lead times between ordering, purchasing, and delivery.

– Coordinate with operational leaders to ensure individual budgets are maintained and organized throughout the year.

  • Provide administrative and clerical support to the Head of School:

– Printing, copying, scanning…

– File and categorize relevant documents and files to ensure the accessibility of the HOS.

– Assist in the development of presentations and reports necessary from the HOS.

  • Translate for Head of school, other members of the school community, and parents when appropriate.
  • Ensure the HOS Update to the community is timely and relevant.
  • Any other duties as determined by the Head of School of his/her designate after due consultation.


  • Working schedule: From Monday to Friday and Saturday morning (when required).
  • Working time: Handbook policy.
  • Working equipments: Stationary, uniform (if any), office equipments.
  • Other supports: Other supports.


  • Health condition: Good.
  • Education: Diploma (Nanny Certificate)/Bachelor degree (Teacher), major in Early Childhood Education.
  • Language skills: Basic.
  • Other skills: Love children, positive, able to work under high pressure, understanding the psychology of student.
  • Knowledge: At least two years experience working in the same position.


  • Take care of student according to the school’s regulation, policy.
  • Supervising sleeping, eating and managing student in daily school activites.
  • Support teacher to manage classroom during lesson hours and field trip activites.
  • Paticipating on making toys and tools for teaching for student.
  • Implement to décor classroom, school campus.
  • Cleaning the classroom, toys,…
  • Other tasks are assigned by line manager.
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