Professional Qualities 

All employees are required to demonstrate integrity by exemplifying the highest degree of ethics and professionalism. Teachers are expected to:  

  • Be a role model for the entire educational community; 
  • Collaboratively contribute to the learning environment; 
  • Utilize modern, research-based, best practice pedagogical approaches; 
  • Consistently record, report, and communicate progress with students and parents; 
  • Demonstrate responsibility in all duties associated with the care and safety of the student body.  

* Candidates must provide a criminal background check .


Personal Qualities  

Teachers are expected to:  

  • Adapt, engage, and have an open attitude to new and challenging situations: 
  • Demonstrate respect for themselves, their colleagues, and the entire institution; 
  • Have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to openly communicate both orally and in writing; 
  • Place students at the foundation of all institutional decisions; 
  • Compiling and designing lessons, organizing students to study effectively and in accordance with the school’s physical and technical conditions;
  • Build a system of exercises, create and evaluate the learning process of students; 
  • Organize, maintain and manage records, documents, and tools for teaching work; 
  • Fostering students to create a source of students capable of participating in competitions.



  • Vietnamese candidates can communicate in English; 
  • Associate/Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university or college; Post graduate degree desirable; 
  • Teaching certificate or credential in the subject area or grade level to be taught (State/Provincial License, PGCE, etc.); 
  • Minimum two-year teaching experience; 
  • IB Experience is desirable.


Salary and Benefits

We offer a professional working atmosphere with a benefits package that includes a competitive salary scale, medical insurance, personal professional development, and school meals.

Please correspond with our Human Resource Department for exact details 


Application Process:

Please contact our Human Resources Department: Information needed includes: 

  • Letter of Interest  
  • Current CV
  • Copy of College/University Degree
  • Copy of Teaching Certificate/License
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