Give your best shot at Tesla Sports Day

Tesla Education 1 Dec, 2023 11:14 am

As an annual event of Tesla Education, Sports Day 2023 took place excitingly with a series of matches, lots of laughter and healthy competition. Although it ended, that “on fire” atmosphere still seems to have not “cooled down” at Tesla. 

It’s great that the students showed their dedication in each of every sport! There was a burst of joy in victory, some regret in defeat, but after all, the students fully enjoyed a wonderful Sports Day.

All 4 House teams (Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix, Buffalo) showed their sports enthusiasm and teamwork through thrilling matches from dodgeball, T-ball, obstacle course, jumping bag relay to tug of war, swimming, underwater dodgeball, and amazing race. 

Not inferior to the spirit of the Upper Primary students and MYP students, the Lower Primary students also gave their best in every competition. Even the sweat rolling down couldn’t stop them from trying to bring points back to their House team. And congratulations to the “Tiger” House team for becoming the champions of this year’s Sports Day!

In addition to the opportunity to compete in sports, the event conveyed a message about the qualities that Tesla Education focuses on in its physical education program for students. That is the spirit of fair competition, the power of solidarity, personal responsibility and constantly conquering challenges. 

A clairvoyant mind, healthy body and positive attitude will create a dynamic young generation, always ready for every challenge. Sports Day has become an unforgettable event for all members of Tesla Education.

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