23 Jun, 2022
Come to TESLA SUMMER FUN DAY to join and experience exciting things!
7 Jun, 2022
Exciting, bustling and colorful, the FUN DAY event took place at Tesla Education.
23 May, 2022
To make the first impression for an exciting summer and create a connection between the school and the community, TESLA EDUCATION announces the organization of the FUN DAY 2022 event.
2 Apr, 2022
Tesla School would like to invite parents and children to attend the Tesla Tea Afternoon held at 15:00 every Friday at Tesla Campus – Golden Mansion, 119 Pho Quang, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District.
18 Mar, 2022
Tesla School would like to invite parents and children to attend Tesla Coffee Morning held at 08:45 am every Friday.
The most powerful investment for your child’s future success is focusing on their education. Therefore, choosing a school for your child is always the top priority and can be affected by numerous factors. We understand your concerns and decided to organize the seminar “WHY TESLA SCHOOL?”
14 Feb, 2022
The seminar “LEARNING AT TESLA AND HOW IT PROMOTES PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITY ACCEPTANCE” is an opportunity for parents to have a clear vision when considering the best school for their child’s long-term educational path.
24 Jan, 2022
“Tet in the Olden Days” is the inspiration for the Tesla Tet Fair in the Year of the Tiger. Tesla revived the atmosphere of the old Tet with unique traditional experiences. In addition, we also created an exciting space for students to gather after a very long time of online learning.
10 Jan, 2022
With the desire to give parents the necessary information and develop an accurate perspective about the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP), Tesla Education will organize OPEN DAY with the theme “EXTENDING THE IB EXPERIENCE WITH MYP”.
5 Jan, 2022
We would like to announce this year TET FAIR with the theme “TET IN THE OLDEN DAYS” to celebrate a Lunar New Year with unity and to honor our traditional culture in the modern world.
27 Dec, 2021
This Christmas, Tesla Education was very excited to welcome many families to the "Wheel of Luck" event at Phu Nhuan Campus.
11 Dec, 2021
BUỔI HÒA NHẠC MÙA ĐÔNG TESLA với chủ đề “GIA ĐÌNH” đã được phát lại trực tiếp trên fanpage của Trường Tesla.
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