History Of Tesla

Tesla Education, the name and trademark of our international education, is in recognition of the eminent scientist Nikola Tesla. The Tesla Education brand is based on the founder’s vision to develop students holistically with strong ethics, innovative thinking skills, and academic excellence, especially in the Sciences, Technology, Design, Business, and also physical development, socially and spiritually.

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, and mechanical engineer. He was one of the ten most respected scientists of all time. All of his inventions – about 300 of which were patented – were forward-looking and that’s why he is called “The inventor of the 20th century”.

The 10 greatest inventions of Nikola Tesla that made him a pioneer in the field of science and technology: Alternating current, Tesla coil, Magnifying transmitter, Tesla turbine, Shadowgraphs, Radio, Neon lamps, Hydroelectric power, Induction motor, Radio controlled boat.

The inventions created during Nikola Tesla’s life paved the way for technology that we can’t live without today. Hopefully we will see more geniuses like him in the future!

Tesla Education and campus in Tan Binh District was established in 2015, teaching Early Years students 18 months – 5 years and later enrolling and extending into Primary School Grade KG – Grade 5 and will accommodate Middle School students Grade 6 – Grade 9 from 2022 – 2023 school year. The Tesla School campus has light and airy spaces with modern facilities of international standards as well as easy access.

Tesla then opened a second Early Years school in Phu Nhuan District in 2018 which is innovatively designed and sitting in a luxury villa complex, close to all amenities.

Tesla Education is a leader in Vietnam to integrate the National Curriculum with the International Baccalaureate Programme to ensure that their students receive a comprehensive education that also provides them with international university opportunities if they desire that option.

Tesla applied for and was granted IBPYP candidacy on 1 October 2020. After more than 2 years, Tesla Education has officially become an IB World School, and authorized to offer the Primary Years Programme (from Early Years to Grade 5). We were also granted IBMYP candidacy on 20 October 2020 and IBDP candidacy on 23 November 2020.

The Tan Binh campus was upgraded in 2021 by adding a new spacious and contemporary Library, recruiting a qualified Teacher – Librarian, and ensuring that the required reading resources for each grade level were obtained from overseas and locally for the PYP & MYP programmes and also to have books and e-books aligned to children’s passions and interests, further encouraging reading for enjoyment.

The school has access to a professional-sized astro turf playing field that is also fully equipped with lighting for night games. The school has two smaller astro turf soccer fields on campus for Physical Education and sports. The modern Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Labs are fitted out with international standard equipment required for the teaching and learning of the IB curriculum.

Tesla aims to support young people who have a desire for knowledge and a passion for Technology, Science, and Arts to be equipped for global integration and to use their skills, attitudes, and values to participate in the advancement of humanity; to be capable of leading and always pioneering as the spirit of the Tesla scientist of whom the name embodies.

Portrait of eminent scientist Nikola Tesla
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