23 May, 2022
On 3 June morning, Tesla Education had a sentiment ceremony to end the 2021 - 2022 school year.
A landmark event in the history of Tesla Education took place at the beginning of May 2022.
13 May, 2022
Faster, stronger, and more skillful, the students have created a vibrant and distinctly fun SPORTS DAY at TESLA EARLY YEARS EDUCATION.
12 May, 2022
Học sinh Tiểu học Tesla đã trải qua NGÀY HỘI TRÍ TUỆ NHÂN TẠO (AI) với rất nhiều trải nghiệm thú vị.
6 May, 2022
The atmosphere at TESLA PRIMARY SPORTS DAY 2022 was filled with excitement.
4 May, 2022
Grade 5 Tesla Students had a unique experiential learning trip for two days & one night at Nam Cat Tien forest.
21 Apr, 2022
Vibrant, positive, and excited is what Tesla students have created at the TECHNOLOGY DAY.
20 Apr, 2022
The "SCIENCE DAY" took place vibrantly at TESLA EDUCATION with the active participation of all students from Kindergarten to Grade 5.
8 Mar, 2022
Inspired by Fairy Tales, TESLA BOOK WEEK took place from February 28 to March 4, 2022, with many exciting activities.
14 Feb, 2022
Tesla was happy to welcome students back to school with joy and happiness in their eyes.
25 Sep, 2021
"CRAZY HAIR DAY " - The first theme of Spirit Day has provided the opportunity for students to create strange and unique hair styles.
14 Aug, 2021
“THỬ THÁCH 15 NGÀY VẬN ĐỘNG” cùng Hệ thống Trường Tesla là chương trình cực kỳ thú vị dành riêng cho trẻ Mầm non và ba mẹ trong khoảng thời gian giãn cách xã hội.
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