Tesla Talk

11 Jan, 2023
The students spent the first semester with lots of useful teaching and learning activities.
16 Nov, 2022
Eleven weeks have passed since the start of the new school year. Tesla is very proud to witness the growth and progress of the students.
20 Sep, 2022
The first Tesla Talk publication will come out with highlights and examples from every class, teacher, and coordinator.
27 May, 2022
Congratulations to the Class of 2022! Our Grade 5 students are the first primary graduating class at Tesla and will always be part of our school’s history.
5 May, 2022
Học sinh là trọng tâm của cộng đồng. Các em đã thực sự thể hiện những phẩm chất vốn có để trở thành người học tập suốt đời và là thành viên của xã hội toàn cầu.
23 Mar, 2022
At the core are our students. They have truly demonstrated the qualities inherent to becoming a lifelong learner and a member of a global society
25 Feb, 2022
After six months of online learning, smiling faces came through the gates and our campus lit up again.
21 Jan, 2022
Tim Vanderpool Director of Studies Newsletter 21 January, 2022 Dear Tesla Families, Over the weekend you will be receiving the first semester report.
30 Dec, 2021
Chúng ta đang tiến gần đến thời điểm chuyển giao và kết thúc năm 2021, tôi rất muốn nói lời cảm ơn đến toàn thể cộng đồng vì sự kiên trì, nhẫn nại, tận tâm...
29 Nov, 2021
A recent conversation with a parent has inspired me to write about “group work” because it is an essential, yet complex, aspect of student education and sometimes it can be misunderstood.
29 Oct, 2021
Tim Vanderpool Director of Studies Newsletter 29 October 2021 The conclusion of Term 1 provides an opportunity…
30 Sep, 2021
In a PYP classroom at Tesla, the classroom environment is student-centered where the teacher’s role…
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