Tesla Winter Concert: More than a music party

Tesla Education 27 Dec, 2023 11:14 am

The “Witnter Wonderland” Concert is bustling and manificent, also has become a space for Tesla students to shine on the big stage, immersing themselves in the Christmas atmosphere and welcoming the peaceful New Year. 

For the first time, the Winter Concert at Tesla Education saw the participation of all students from Preschool to High School levels. With 17 performances, 16 classic Christmas performances, and various musical instruments, they brought an impressive and unique musical party. 

The festive melodies of Christmas echoed throughout Tesla, taking the audience on an emotional musical journey. More than just an artistic stage, the concert truly became a place for the students to be more confident, dynamic, and responsible. Their efforts were rewarded with well-deserved applause and satisfaction from all the audience. 

Thank you for the participation and support of parents, teachers, and staff at Tesla. It means a lot to the students. Especially, we sincerely appreciate all the teachers for their enthusiasm and commitment, which, together with the students, contributed to creating a wonderful concert.

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