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HTV to report on announcement ceremony - Tesla becomes an IB World School

After a 2-year application as an IB Candidate School (since September, 2020), Tesla Education has officially become an IB World School.

Tesla Education - "Alumni" doesn't have to wait until grade 12

Tesla Education is truly delighted to share an interesting story from one of its outstanding alumni - Pham Khai.

Tesla Education - BritCham Fun Run 2024

Let's take a look back at the memorable moments at BritCham Fun Run event with Tesla!

4 reasons why parents should choose Tesla Education for your child?

Mr. Tim Vanderpool - the Head of School of Tesla Education has shared 4 reasons why parents can acknowledge that Tesla is worth investing in for their child's long-term learning journey.

Tesla Education - Parents' sharing

Let's listen to these meaningful shares to understand more about the educational mission at Tesla Education and how it has developed students' learning abilities!

Tesla Education - Stem Week 2024

STEM Week is an important event organized annually with the aim of inspiring passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) among students.

Explore the Integrated International Baccalaureate (IB) programme at Tesla Education

Why does Tesla choose to integrate the IB programme with the National Curriculum?

Tesla Education - What is the special of MYP curriculum in school year and what did parents share?

During the Opening Ceremony, Tesla had an exciting meeting with the MYP Coordinator and parents of MYP students.

Tesla Education - The sweetest present for Mom

The little ones from Kindergarten class poured their sweet hearts into singing the song "Angels are everywhere, Mom" for their mothers.

Tesla Education - Interview with Parents, and Early Years Coordinator, and PYP Coordinator for the school year 2023 - 2024

What is special about this year's EYP and PYP, and sharing from parents?

Tesla Education - Children recite Tet poetry

Parents, join in the festive atmosphere of Spring and listen to what the little ones have to wish for this Tet!

Tesla Education - Tet Fair at Phu Nhuan campus

Tet Fair "Celebrating Our Beloved Family" has passed, but it leaves countless memories and warm moments in the hearts of parents and little ones.

Tesla Education - "The best choice to start learning"

Sharing from Mr. David Mark Watson - Parents of 4 students studying at Tesla Education.

Tesla Education - "Winter Wonderland" Concert

The festive melodies of Christmas echoed throughout Tesla Education, taking the audience on an emotional musical journey.

Tesla Education - Sports Day 2023

Team spirit, determination, sweat, laughter, and many unforgettable emotions have truly defined the significance of Tesla Education's Sports Day.

Tesla Education - Parents' sharing

Below is sharing from our parents have two children studying at Tesla.

Tesla Education - Dance performance "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree"

MYP students rocked the Winter Concert, and spread holiday cheer to everyone.

Tesla Education - "United Through Books" Book Week

With the theme "United Through Books," Book Week provided an opportunity for the community to come together, experience, share, understand, and respect each other in any field.

Tesla Education - The Brain Vietnam Ngo The Anh and his change after studying at Tesla

The Anh has completely changed since studying at Tesla.

Tesla Education - Dance performance "Jingle Bell"

Early Year students shined with the dance performance "Jingle Bell".

Tesla Education - Early Years Ballet Club

Ballet is one of the captivating co-curricular activities (CCAs) of the Early Years level.

Tesla Education - Moon Festival 2023

In its mission, Tesla Education always emphasizes the importance of fostering understanding and preserving Vietnamese culture.

Tesla Education - Back to school 2023 - 2024

With enthusiasm returning to school and joyful excitement for new beginnings, students have brought a lively atmosphere throughout Tesla Education.

Tesla Education - "Brick4Fun" Fun Day 2023

Exciting, bustling, and colorful, the "Brick4Fun" Fun Day event took place at Tesla Education with the participation of a large number of families and left the first impressions for a memorable summer.

"1000 lanterns, A world of kindness" caring project

This heartwarming project was condensed into just one video by Tesla, but each frame became a cherished memory.

Tesla Education - Opening Ceremony of the school year 2023 - 2024

The Opening Ceremony plays a role in inspiring and motivating students for a new journey.

Tesla Education - Summer Camp 2023

Summer Camp provided the students with enjoyable learning experiences through various manners, themes, and exciting field trips.

Tesla Education - End-of-year ceremony

Through the collective efforts of teachers, staff, students, and the support of parents, the 2022 - 2023 school year at Tesla Education has been a resounding success.

Tesla Education - Summer Camp 2023 for Early Years students

A 6-week "Life Skills Adventure" with the attraction of 6 different themes has brought students a wealth of knowledge and engaging experiences.

Tesla Early Years Education (Phu Nhuan Campus) - An environment full of love

What gives parents the most trust when their children go to school?

Tesla Education - PYP Exhibition 2023

Students expressed their determination to safeguard Earth's green spaces and skies.

Tesla Early Years Education (Phu Nhuan Campus) - "I am most impressed with the positive attitude and the love for children of the teachers”

Parent feel secure when their children enjoy going to school, become more independent, and are fully developed in both knowledge and life skills.

Tesla Education - Can Gio field trip

The three-day, two-night field trip to Can Gio proved to be an invaluable experience, deepening their understanding of the subjects they had studied.

Tesla's Feature Profile - Golden Reader

Having over 5,000 participants, Golden Reader of the LAZ Reading Competition 2022 belongs to The Anh (G5).

Tesla Education - Gratitude to teachers from Grade 5 students

With all the respect and love, the 5th graders personally prepared a special gift for the teachers and staff of Tesla School.

Tesla Education - Earth Day 2023

Let's take a look back at Tesla's exciting activities during the Earth Day celebration!

Tesla's Feature Profile - Learning beyond the classroom

As a student who is active in learning, proactive and self-disciplined, Bao Ly's time is not only encapsulated in class but also in many other interesting activities outside the classroom.

Tesla Early Years Education - "We are so grateful to our teachers!"

The best thing for Tesla Early Years Education is that the students are interested in going to class, enthusiastically learning and experiencing.

Tesla Education - Winter Concert "This time of year"

As a meaningful annual event of Tesla Education, the “This Time Of Year” Winter Concert has left a deep impression on everyone.

Tesla Education - Starting the school year 2022 - 2023

From August 17, 2022, students from Early Years to Secondary have started the new school year 2022 - 2023.

Tesla Education - "Happy New Year" wishes

Teachers and students from many different countries sent everyone the most meaningful New Year greetings.

The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This (cover by Tesla Education)

Special music video - "SOMETHING JUST LIKE THIS" with the message of "Be different, Be Yourself".

Tesla Early Years Education - Phu Nhuan Campus

Tesla Early Years Education (Phu Nhuan Campus) is located in a closed residential area, ensuring the safety of children.

Tesla Education - Closing ceremony for the 2021 - 2022 school year

The school year 2021 - 2022 has officially ended with the worthy achievements of all members of the Tesla community.

Tesla Education - Summer Camp 2022

The end of a full and meaningful summer is when students’ luggage is filled with happiness, new knowledge, and skills.

Tesla Education - The Integrated International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme

Let's follow the learning process in the transdisciplinary theme "Who we are" of the 4th graders to see how Tesla students study in this programme!

Tesla Education - Where children learn both English and Vietnamese

Ms. Hur Mi Yeon (Korean Parent) shared: "What my children like most about Tesla is that they can learn both English and Vietnamese".

Tesla Education - Field trip to Nam Cat Tien

Preparing and implementing the PYP Exhibition helps students improve their research ability, self-expression, and is an opportunity to participate in humanitarian activities.

Tesla Education - Primary and Secondary School

Tesla Education is the only school that offers the Integrated IB Programme in Tan Binh District (HCMC).

Tesla Education - Tan Binh Campus

Welcome to Tesla Education - Tan Binh Campus.
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