"Winter Wonderland" Christmas Bazaar full of joy at Tesla Education

“Winter Wonderland” Christmas Bazaar full of joy at Tesla Education

Tesla Education 20 Dec, 2023 2:55 pm

Attracting more than 300 participants and over 40 vendors, the “Winter Wonderland” Christmas Bazaar took place vibrantly at Tesla Education.

The Christmas Bazaar is an annual event hosted by Tesla for school members, parents, and the community. Beyond providing a space for entertainment, the bazaar is also an opportunity for everyone to express their compassion and community responsibility.

The entire charity money donated at the bazaar will be presented to Mercy House in Tan Binh District, a shelter for unfortunate orphaned and disabled children. Showing concern, sharing, and fulfilling community responsibilities to make a positive difference in society is also the important mission of every IB student. 

Throughout the school campus, there is a series of stalls featuring a variety of different products and services. The bazaar also brought various cultural performances, musical instrument demonstrations by Tesla students, and lively performances.

n particular, students also got to experience the Tesla Discovery area, where cognitive challenge stations take place, stimulating creativity and confidence

The “Winter Wonderland” Christmas Bazaar concluded with joyful and valuable experiences for all students, parents, teachers, staff, and participants. Through practical activities, Tesla Education aims to create a positive and open learning environment a platform for comprehensive development. Not stopping at this event, Tesla will continue larger-scale activities to expand and closely connect with the community.

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