Ignite the flame of knowledge with the "United Through Books" Book Week

Ignite the flame of knowledge with the “United Through Books” Book Week

Tesla Education 13 Dec, 2023 10:57 am

With the theme “United Through Books”, Book Week (take place from December 4th to December 8th, 2023) is an opportunity for the Tesla community Tesla community to come together to experience, share, understand, and respect each other, regardless of the space they are in. Book Week witnessed the efforts, enthusiasm, and creativity of every member of the Tesla community. 

Many interesting and unique activities were organized to bring fun times and promote creativity and imagination in Tesla students such as: 

  • – Poster design competition 
  • – Amazing reading corner 
  • – From book cover to door 
  • – Read aloud hour 
  • – Creative writing 
  • – Mystery readers 
  • – Book swap and book donate 
  • – Quiz Bee 
  • – Dress up Spirit Day

“From book cover to door” 

Each book opens up a multitude of wonders of knowledge. From unique illustrations to peculiar scenes, Tesla students have written their own stories on the door frames of their classrooms. The intriguing combination of literature and art has opened the door to the limitless imagination of the students. 

Revealing the Mystery Readers 

Mystery Readers visited Early Years, Primary, and Secondary classes and brought many meaningful stories to the students. In particular, students had the opportunity to meet online with Non-Fiction Writer – Kristin Baird Rattini and Australian Teacher – Trish Robson. These Mystery Readers helped the students understand why reading book is important and how to make reading the most enjoyable.

Dynamic competition in the Quiz Bee 

The Quiz Bee competition for MYP students unfolded vibrantly in the spirit of healthy competition. The Quiz Bee not only celebrated the joy of reading but also emphasized the importance of critical thinking and elevated the position of literature for secondary school students. 

In addition, MYP students also captivated the attention of the little ones in Early Years through lively storytelling. Finding joy in books and nurturing a reading culture from an early age will empower children to actively seek out books as a source of excellent knowledge.

Poster Design 

In the Poster Design competition, MYP students showcased their abilities through unique designs. From concept to expression, each poster carries a unique message the students aim to convey. 

“Dress up as your favorite character”  

This is the final activity of Book Week. Students and teachers dressed up as their favorite characters from books to express their emotions towards those literary works. 

Book Week is organized annually by Tesla Education with the goal of connecting and inspiring a love for reading among everyone. We find joy in engaging with books, fostering a habit of reading, and, especially, developing a reading culture within the school community.

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