Committed to living its vision and values Tesla School’s shared philosophy rests on the foundation of a strong moral purpose. In understanding and acknowledging that variance within a school is typically greater than variance between schools, Tesla recognises the value of a moral purpose based on the concept that ‘every child can succeed and achieve significant growth’.


To be an innovative education group that fosters a passion for learning in each student while developing responsible individuals who strive to achieve their full potential; through strong Design, Technology, Science, Business and Language skills; enabling each student to meet the challenges, shape the future and succeed in a rapidly changing world.


To provide a supportive and engaging learning environment that emphasises the sciences, design and technology by delivering an education that meets the highest international standards with a focus on well-being while ensuring students are grounded in their home languages and cultures.

  • Combining the programme of the Vietnam National Curriculum (NC) with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum Framework.
  • Utilizing a professional team of teachers, staff, and administrators from Vietnam and the international community that possess educational expertise, dedication, and commitment to student learning.
  • Nurturing a rapport between teachers, students, and parents to build a sense of community that ensures every student receives the encouragement they need to reach their capabilities.
  • Equipping students with a solid educational foundation from an early age so that they have the tools and skills to succeed as they mature.
  • Creating exciting and engaging learning experiences that are meaningful and relevant to every student.
Our Core Values
Nurturing every TESLA Student to continuously strive to become a contributing member in their community is founded on our 4 Core Values: Pioneering, Perseverant, Excellent, Creative.
  • Leading and Guiding
  • Being Proactive
  • Enjoying Cultural Exchanges and Connections
  • Exploring through questioning
  • Passion for Discovering
  • Mastering goals and tasks
  • Restraining and being self disciplined
  • Being confident and self-sufficient
  • Thinking critically
  • Striving for excellence and quality
  • Having integrity and passion
  • Being commitment driven
  • Moving our vision forward
  • Contributing and exemplifying
  • Being self-orientated, innovative and creative
  • Having a passion for lifetime learning and scientific research
  • Solving problems independently and proactively
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