“Celebrating Our Beloved Family” the radiant Tet Fair

Tesla Education 5 Feb, 2024 2:02 pm

The highly anticipated Tet Fair, themed Celebrating Our Beloved Family took place vibrantly at the Tan Binh campus on February 2, 2024. The event brought a warm and intimate atmosphere to all members of the Tesla community, creating a dazzling space of colors and traditional beauty that left an unforgettable mark on everyone. This allowed us to take pride in the authentic Vietnamese values that Tesla Education nurtures in its students.

Traditional Tet truly is an exciting festival, especially when all teachers, staff, and Tesla students come together to prepare for activities at school. Despite coming from various countries, everyone is enthusiastic about exploring cultural diversity and experiencing traditional activities on Tet day. 

The event kicked off with lively performances welcoming the Spring. Students from Early Years to Secondary energized the atmosphere with dynamic dances and captivating talent shows. Each performance conveyed good wishes for the new year to everyone.

Tet Fair would not be complete without traditional folk games. Games like Mandarin square capturing, parcheesi, gourd crab fish tiger, hit the piggy bank, make lucky money envelope, and decorate palm-leaf conical hat attracted participants. Especially for the little ones in Early Years, the experience of traditional festivals will cultivate in them a love for their cultural identity, fostering a sense of national pride that will persist, even if they live in any environment in the future. This is also Tesla’s consistent educational goal, ensuring international education standards while not separating language and Vietnamese culture development. 

In a multicultural environment, Tesla students have the advantage of easily adapting, forming open-minded thinking, accepting differences between individuals, enabling them to live and work anywhere. Possessing a broad vision of world cultures while preserving the characteristics of Vietnamese culture in an international environment will help students connect and take pride in their cultural values essential qualities leading to the success of global citizens.

For the first time at Tet Fair, the Silent Art Auction took place under the guidance of the Middle Years Programme (MYP). Students from different grades brought diverse and enticing food stalls, serving all participants. All proceeds from the art auction and stalls will be dedicated by Tesla Education to the Mercy Home charity.

The “Celebrarting Our Beloved Family” Tet Fair concluded with radiant smiles on the faces of all families and Tesla’s faculty and staff. This marked the first impression for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday in the Year of the Dragon. The festive atmosphere spread joy in everyone’s hearts, promising a new year full of happiness, success, and prosperity. On the occasion of the new year, Tesla Education wishes the school community peace, prosperity, and fulfillment of all desires!

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