Application Process

The Tesla Admissions Office is open throughout the year and looks forward to hearing from you. We offer rolling admissions, allowing entry throughout the year as long as classroom seats are available. Our Admission Team strives to ensure the admissions process is a pleasant, informative, and seamless experience.

Step 1: Consultation

Please complete the online Application form: If seats are available in the grade level of choice, your child’s spot will be reserved from the day the application is submitted. The Application Fee can be paid while you compile the necessary documents and schedule a Consultation visit.

Step 2: Entrance Test

Once the documentation has been completed, your child will be invited to school to participate in an entrance test for the school section of the application: Early Years, Primary, or Secondary. After completion of the appropriate assessment, the admissions team will review the student file and submit their recommendation to the section Principal for academic acceptance. The Admissions fee to guarantee a place in the school is required to pay after School Acceptance Notice.

  • Requirements: Appropriate age as per MOET (Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training) regulations
  • Tests: Physical and psychological evaluation


  • Appropriate age as per MOET (Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training) regulations
  • Academic and Discipline rankings: Good or above


  • English
  • Vietnamese
  • Math
  • Skills evaluation (For Grade 1)


  • Appropriate age as per MOET (Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training) regulations
  • Confirmed to have completed the Primary program
  • Academic and Discipline rankings: Good or above


  • English
  • Literature
  • Math

* Besides the entrance test, students may be required to submit academic transcripts or school records showing previous academic performance.

Step 3: Enrollment procedure

Following academic acceptance, the admissions will send an official acceptance letter within one week. In accordance with school policy, the completed Tesla Medical Report with the immunization history together with tuition fee will need to be submitted prior to your child attending school.


  • Application form
  • Application fee
  • Admissions fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Scan of child’s ID or copy of Birth Certificate or Passport copy
  • Recent digital passport size photo / Headshot / White Background
  • Two years’ previous school records, transcripts and test reports (if applicable)
  • Certified English translation of these documents is required for Secondary students
  • Letter of recommendation from current teacher
  • Completed Tesla Medical Report including immunization history
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Community Voices

We knew that Tesla wasn’t the only place that they were going to go to school, but it was the best place to start and the best foundation. I think my children are so far ahead of what is required in today’s community by this really good grounding and problem based and all the things that Tesla has taught them about communication, ICT, Maths, the programming and everything. It’s a really good basic not only for jumping out of primary school, and going into the secondary school or high school, but it’s also a really good foundation building block for going the next step into University and beyond.

David Mark Watson - Parents

Ngo The Anh has changed when studying at Tesla. The Integrated IB programme helps him get on very well with his friends. He like working in groups and showing his leadership style. Tesla’s learning environment focused on developing his independence. Learning with foreign teachers will help students be more confident in studying abroad or working in an international environment.

Father of Ngo The Anh - Parents

“I am very satisfied with my children’s learning outcome. They not only learnt a lot of knowledge in both Vietnamese and English but also had opportunity to train many other skills. After school, they are proactive in exploring deeper about the lessons and excited to discover new knowledge.”

Nguyen Thi Tuyet Loan - Parents

“I am happy knowing my children are free to develop and be active. After learning at Tesla, my children became more independent in taking care of themselves, and more engaged in all activities.”

Duong Thi Ngoc Anh - Parents

“A fun and safe learning environment is what I care deeply about. I am satisfied when my child is able to learn many sports right on campus. Tesla also has a swimming pool and dedicated function rooms. He is excited and eager to explore when he can learn by projects.”

Nguyen Thuy Linh - Parents

“The small class size is among many reasons why I sent my child to Tesla. The open also space helps her enjoy outdoor activities. After sending my child to Tesla, I found her to be much more active. She especially love going on field trips which are based on the learning project.”

Thieu Quang Vinh - Parents

“Tesla has big and spacious school campus, so my children are free to engage in physical and experiential activities. It also gives me peace of mind knowing that my children are taken good care of by the teachers. The most important thing is my children always love going to school. They are becoming more skilled and confident with each passing day.”

Trinh Thi Thanh Nga - Parents

“I have peace of mind knowing my children love going to school and often tell stories about their classes. The professional teaching methodology helped them learn very fast. They are trained in many skills, participate in practical field trips, which helped them be more active, confident and knowledgable.”

Thai Cam Nhung - Parents

“The change of educational environment is usually difficult for children, but my child was excited from the first time he went to Tesla so I signed up for them instantly. He developed so much in his life skills and had opportunity to study English in the most natural way.”

Nguyen Van Nghiem - Parents
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