Exciting Halloween “Spooktacular” festival at Tesla Education

Tesla Education 3 Nov, 2023 11:15 am

Participating in this year’s Halloween “Spooktacular” celebration, Tesla students had a fantastic time embodying their favorite characters and engaging in Halloween-themed activities. The annual event is organized with various exciting activities aimed at helping students gain a deeper understanding of cultures around the world, foster creativity, and nurture a sense of community spirit.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the costume partan opportunity for all Tesla members to showcase their imagination and personal flair through beloved characters. Halloween brought together a variety of styles, from adorable to edgy, from simplicity to meticulously crafted costumes. Regardless of the character chosen, Tesla members created a lively atmosphere filled with laughter and camaraderie while enjoying shared joy.

Teachers also got into the spirit by dressing up in unconventional ways, adding to the students’ excitement

The students enjoyed face painting, trying their hand at Halloween-themed noodles, creating innovative masks, decorating cupcakes, playing “Trick or Treat”, and capturing memories with friends and teachers.

At the “Spooktacular” Halloween celebration, it was easy to spot adorable Early Years students. They dressed up as their favorite characters, confidently strutting their stuff on the catwalk, enthusiastically participating in games, knocking on doors for treats, and delighting in their sizable candy baskets. Guided by teachers, Halloween became a vibrant festival with countless cute activities for Early Years students.

Early Years students showcasing Halloween fashion

Young students engaging in Halloween games

In the mysterious atmosphere of Halloween, students also learned a meaningful message: The importance of living kindly and sincerely with each other to build a better world. Additionally, they understood the value of not judging others based on appearances and respecting each person’s uniqueness.

Halloween is one of the international events organized annually at Tesla Education, providing students with the opportunity to explore the cultures of various countries, broaden their knowledge, and work toward becoming global citizens. Alongside this, students come together to participate in healthy, enjoyable activities, fostering stronger friendships and becoming more confident and dynamic individuals.

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