Tet reunion with Tesla Tet Fair 2023 at Tesla Early Years Education

Tesla Education 16 Jan, 2023 11:37 am

In the jubilant atmosphere of Spring, the Tet Fair 2023 at Tesla Early Years Education (Tan Binh Campus) is the highlight of the series of learning activities to learn about the Lunar New Year children. The annual Tet fair is an exciting practical experience space to educate children about Vietnamese traditional culture.

The Tesla campus is full of spring colors of apricot, peach blossoms, and Tet decorations. The students were eager to participate in activities at the Tet Fair such as wrapping Banh tet, decorating piggy banks, making cards, etc., The excitement has shown in their eyes and laughter.

They have broadened their understanding of the surrounding culture and life and become more confident in communication. The presence of parents also gives children lots of fun, new experiences, and strengthens the school–family partnerships in educating, caring, and giving students a chance to practice life skills.

Tet Fair 2023 marks crucial moments of the Lunar New Year coming very close to us. We hope our students will have more understanding, respect, and pride in the traditional culture and know how to share and care for everyone. Those are also the messages that Tesla wishes to spread to the community and nurture in the children.

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