Tesla Tet Fair 2023 – “Eco-friendly Tet”

Tesla Education 10 Jan, 2023 11:13 am

Diverse activities to celebrate the Lunar New Year, the “Eco-friendly Tet” Tet Fair was held at Tesla Education (Tan Binh Campus) in the exciting atmosphere of the last days of the year. In addition to educating students about the traditional culture of Vietnam, the event also demonstrates the message of “environmental protection” and the responsibility of “caring” for the community from all Tesla members. 

The Tesla Tet Fair began with erecting a bamboo pole. Thereby, students learned more about Vietnamese long-standing customs. The bamboo joints represent the stairs bringing vitality from Heaven to Earth in the new year, helping people have a bumper crop and a life of comfort.  

Along with the message of environmental protection, each booth participating in the Tesla Tet Fair made the most of recycled materials, leaves, flowers, etc. Products from used plastic or cartons were all skillfully put together by students. Resonating with their unlimited creativity, each booth was a unique highlight for this year’s Tet Fair.

In addition, a series of exciting fun activities imbued with Vietnamese cultural identities such as Nem con, Cheraw dance, Blindfolded game, Playdough, Calligraphy, etc., brought the students lots of fun and memorable experiences. The 6th graders also implemented the project of wrapping Banh Chung and Banh tet; At the same time, sharing with the whole school interesting lessons about the energy change during processing or the formula for calculating the cake area,

The “Eco-friendly Tet” Tet Fair was also honored to welcome parents to participate in Tet activities only available at Tesla. With the fruit tray decoration, the children and their parents together created each fruit tray that was both beautiful and meaningful.

The Tet atmosphere was more exciting and lovely with the appearance of Early Years students on the stage. In particular, the “home-grown” bingo of Tesla has attracted the participation of everyone. Not only brought a lot of laughter, but players also received attractive gifts.

The annual Tet Fair is an important part of Tesla’s goal of educating global citizens who are proud of Vietnamese identity and soul. The school wishes everyone a New Year of Good Health, Happiness, and Prosperity.

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