Letters from Tesla alumni parents

Tesla Education 28 Apr, 2023 10:29 am

We understand that when parents consider and choose Tesla, they also share aspirations and goals for their children’s development. This is powerful in creating momentum for students on their way to reach out to the world.  

For former students who are continuing to study in other countries, Tesla is very emotional when receiving emails from parents about their children’s achievements, along with their sharing about the school’s educational quality.  

Here are the letters from Tesla alumni parents: 

“Lay the foundation well.  

Tesla’s ECE and primary foundation is definitely working for Maya & Sara as the ability to express themselves and communicate in group settings has landed them lead roles in the Disney Jr musical “Newsie’s”.  

Academic stars and now heading for the stage. With more than 60 children auditioning for the roles it was/is fantastic to see Maya & Sara getting selected for coveted roles based on their presentation skills.  

It seems hard to believe less than a year ago Maya & Sara were doing year 6 @ Tesla and in here they are now the top students in school, in the extension class (working 2 years above grade level) and now excelling in the public/arts drama sector.  

Tesla… Thank you for the foundation work to build their confidence and presence. It works well every day even after leaving Tesla.  

Free to let everyone know what we think. Tesla was the best investment we made for education for our children while in Vietnam.  

David Watson

Pham Thi Hue”

Letters from Tesla alumni parents

“Hi everyone,  

If you have ever wondered what Tesla School is producing, you don’t have to look far to see the results. IB works.  

Today Sara was awarded the highest academic award for the school she now attends in New Zealand. She co-shared the Dux position, the academic highest score in the school, with another student. She scored in the top 10 percentile for all of Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific students for science and highest overall score for the school for Science, Maths and English. On her award it noted her accomplishment was even more special as English is not her first language.  

This is what a Tesla graduate looks like after they leave the school.  

Congratulations, on creating a lifelong learner.  

Keep up the good work!  

Kind regards, 

David Watson

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