STEAM – Inspiring creativity for children at Tesla Summer Camp

Tesla Education 4 Aug, 2022 11:58 am

In the last week at Tesla Summer Camp, Early Years students had a chance to unleash their exploration, creativity, and learning around the theme of “STEAM”. 

The benefits of STEAM education for Early Years students 

STEAM education includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. STEAM focuses on student thinking ability, creating and solving problems. The knowledge and skills in the above five areas are integrated and complement each other, helping students not only understand the theory but also know how to apply it to create practical products. 

With STEAM’s educational approach, students are encouraged to be curious and empowered to freely create and figure out a way to settle the problem. STEAM education develops individuals who accommodate the job demand of the new era and promote social development. 

Tesla Early Years students have access to the STEAM subjects

STEAM Theme at Tesla Summer Camp 

Early Years students were immersed in experiential activities and implemented hands-on products in the STEAM. The indispensable contribution of the Arts has stimulated the students’ imagination and cultivated necessary skills such as thinking, collaboration, communication, and aesthetics. 

A field trip to learn, play and create with the STEAM

In particular, the students experienced and participated in many exciting activities such as getting used to controlling robots with tablets, being creative with blocks, creating floating boats, and building a home model from open materials on STEAM Day. Students not only had a relaxing time in the summer, but also they could receive knowledge naturally, develop awareness, and express their interests and talents from an early age. 

STEAM Day for Early Years students at Tesla

Tesla Education integrates the STEAM educational approach in the Early Years Programme. Therefore, the Science, Technology, Art, etc., classes at the school bring lots of practical experiences, helping students connect easily with daily life.  

The STEAM week has also officially closed the Tesla Summer Camp for Early Years. After eight weeks of summer, the students have discovered many new topics and had the opportunity to have fun and learn many good things. Get ready for the new school year with an exciting journey ahead! 


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