Tesla Summer Camp – Explore the Mysterious Universe

Tesla Education 29 Jul, 2022 10:31 am

Exclusively for students from 6 to 11 years old, Tesla Summer Camp continues with the theme “Explore the Universe”. As it turns out, learning about astronomy is not difficult when the children participate in many exciting experiential activities.

Tesla Summer Camp - Explore the Mysterious Universe

The universe stimulates curiosity and unleashes unlimited creativity and imagination, allowing children to travel on adventures with interesting “friends” in space. A love of exploring the world around them fosters a passion for learning and shows that children can go beyond their limits to expand their knowledge and develop life skills.

Exploring the science of light and shadow

Successfully make a sundial

Make a toy rocket

In particular, the children had an exciting and helpful experience through an astronomical camping night at the school. Students enjoyed setting up tents together, decorating tents with the constellation names, and especially learning about astronomy and practicing using telescopes. The teams also competed with each other through brain games and baking challenges. Each student is like a little astronaut who is constantly curious and eager to discover many mysteries in the vast universe.

Students set up tents for camping night

Learning about astronomy and how to use a telescope

Under the theme “Explore the Universe”, Tesla Summer Camp focuses on practical experiences in the fields of Science, Technology, Art, and English that has awakened the spirit of enthusiasm to explore the world around students, helping them be active and become more confident.

Make models of flying saucers and alien friends

Closing the journey of “Explore the Universe”, their summer luggage is getting “heavier” as packed with new knowledge and skills during their adventure with Tesla Education. Keep dreaming, nurture your desire to explore the world, and conquer the challenges! 


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