“Community Connection” – The second theme of Tesla Summer Camp’s for Primary students

Tesla Education 12 Jul, 2022 2:49 pm

The second stage of Tesla Summer Camp with the theme of “Community Connection has given primary students a lot of useful discoveries when learning about the three basic elements of the community: Natural Environment, People and Culture as well as the relationship between those three elements. 

“Understanding the Country and People of Vietnam” lesson at Tesla Summer Camp

City tour by double-decker bus 

After two weeks of exploring around the theme of “Community Connection”, Tesla students had a fun picnic as they walked around the city on a double-decker bus. A familiar city suddenly becomes new with a view from above. Every student loves to see every street and corner; see the green trees and the name of each important place of Saigon with teachers. The knowledge of Culture, History, Geography and so on is gently kept in their memory. 

City tour by double-decker bus

Get lost in the unique art of 3D painting 

Also on a city tour, Tesla students had the opportunity to stop at the Artinus 3D Art Museum, which opened up a wonderful world of illusions for young people who love to explore and imagine. Here, the children are free to observe and learn about 3D painting art with many different topics. Each space seems to open up to a completely different world. After school, students are allowed to participate in practical activities again. As a result, each passing day at Tesla Summer Camp will be a fulfilling and meaningful one. 

Tesla students at the Artinus 3D Art Museum

Opportunities for artistic talent and physical development at Tesla Summer Camp 

Creativity in children is limitless and art is the way for them to develop this ability. At Art Classes at Tesla Summer Camp, students are presented with color and materials to create personal pieces. By gaining access to the arts, students will have much more positive, energetic and creative thoughts.

Art Class at Tesla Summer Camp

Summer is also a great time for students to try out age-appropriate sports. Sport not only helps them improve their health but also brings joy and relaxation. Through the Swimming Championship”, Tesla Education wants to encourage sportsmanship, create a playground to discover the talents of swimming and promote their abilities. The competition includes the relay team swim and relay team dive. The Tesla pool became busier than ever because of the sportsmanship and team strength of all students.

“Community Connection” - The second theme of Tesla Summer Camp's for Primary students
"Swimming Championship" organized by Tesla Education

Close the second stage of Primary Summer Camp – “Community Connection, Tesla Education believes that each of the students has gained additional insights into the natural, human, and cultural environments. The “Summer Adventure” for students ages 6-11 with a wide range of activities to explore and experience is a well-deserved gift for them this summer. 


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