Tesla Early Years Summer Camp – The vibrant “Summer Olympics” and the mysterious “Magic Land”

Tesla Education 20 Jul, 2022 10:34 am

Continuing Tesla Summer Camp for Early Years, the students went through a lot of learning and exploration under two themes, “Summer Olympics” and “Magic Land”.

Tesla Early Years students eager to enter “Summer Olympics”  

Starting the day full of energy, the students were ready to enter the “Summer Olympics” at Tesla Early Years Education with a lot of sporting activities and exciting games that had been well prepared by teachers. After dividing into 4 teams corresponding to 4 Houses (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, Buffalo), the students started participating in team ball relay, overcoming obstacles, javelin throwing, bicycle racing, tug of war,… 

In order to accommodate the Early Years students, teachers have arranged separate sports and equipment to ensure their safety. Although it was a bit difficult to get started but with everyone’s encouragement, the students all completed the challenges for themselves.

Sport not only helps them develop physically but also enhances their independence, discipline, training their ability to coordinate and bring confidence and dynamism. Through sports and motor games, children are both relaxed and nurtured to love sports from an early age.

Discover Tesla Early Years Education “Magic Land”  

With the theme of ” Magic Land”, the teacher and the students built a magical land together during a week of exploration and discovery. Magic gives us great surprises and attractions. In particular, with the curious nature of children, the mysteries that magic brings not only make them amazed but when they learn about magic, they become more excited and learn a lot of good things.

In the “Magic Land” only at Tesla Summer Camp, students learned how to be little magicians. Learning to do magic requires not only quick hands and eyes but also a lot of techniques to trick the viewer’s vision. Starting from simple magic tricks, students gradually develop their brains, becoming more flexible and confident. Magic is also an opportunity for students to acquire and practice knowledge of physics, chemistry,…

Tesla Early Years Summer Camp  

The 2022 summer program at Tesla Early Years Education has truly become an exciting playground for children to train their minds and improve their skills in the process of exploration and experience. A healthy, meaningful summer is happening at Tesla with familiar and unique content, allowing children to play and learn with lots of good things. 


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