Healthy Eating

Tesla Education is committed to providing our students with nutritious, safe, and balanced meals every day. Research has shown that well-nourished students have more energy and alertness, process information faster, and are able to perform to their full potential. Every meal is prepared onsite daily to ensure that all students enjoy a balanced diet and the nutrition necessary to study, play, and learn all day long.

Safety First

The safety of our students and staff is our primary concern and strictly adhere to all governmental regulations and guidelines. This commitment includes:

  • Choosing our suppliers that meet the Bureau of Food Safety and Hygiene standards and are designated as a company that participates in the “Safe Food Chain” by holding the required certification: Certificate of Compliance with Food Safety Regulations.
  • Applying the One-Way Kitchen Procedure that ensures food is consistently fresh, raw and cooked foods are stored separately, and all meals are prepared and served hygienically.
  • Regular testing is conducted twice a year to certify the quality of our food, beverages, and drinking water are up to standard.
  • All kitchen and healthcare staff, as well as our Early Years teachers and nannies, have attended food safety training and have a “Certificate of Food Safety Training”.
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