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Tesla Talk May, 2023

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Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang

Early Years Teacher

“Earth Day” is also an opportunity for Early Years students to spread the awareness of green-clean-beautiful environment protection to everyone around. Doing small simple actions at a young age such as putting trash in the right place, sorting recyclables, saving electricity, water, paper, planting more beautiful small trees, etc. also contribute to environmental protection. The awareness of the students are formed through daily education anytime, anywhere so that they can understand and act for a green, clean, and beautiful environment.

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms Dam Le Thuy Tien

Early Years Teacher

The environmental protection project helped the students understand the causes and measures to be able to protect the environment from the simplest actions such as putting garbage in the right place, saving water, turning off the lights when going out, etc. especially recycling and reusing utensils, etc… The F2 class of Phu Nhuan know how to recycle egg containers to create a beautiful green tree, contributing their small part in preserving environmental protection.

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms Tran Thi Hong Tham

Early Years Teacher

In this project, the students understood the importance of protecting the environment. They recycled plastic bottles into their own utensils, etc. They were interested and understood that using recycled products from waste is contributing to reducing environmental pollution. This is a really meaningful act and should be spread to everyone. Each recycled product will help our living environment be more fresh and clean.

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Mr Nguyen Kieu Quoc Bao

IB Teacher – PE

Sports lessons are a time for students to exercise, stimulating their dynamism, creativity and confidence. In addition to the motor skills that lay the foundation for physical development, students can also explore a variety of sports, improve their understanding and stimulate their love of sports. Parents are welcome to watch some dynamic pictures of their children participating in badminton lessons!


Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms To Kim Yen

IB PYP Coordinator

As we approach the end of the school year, I wanted to update you on some of the exciting activities that our students have been engaged in this month.

The month of April was full of activities that kept our students busy and excited. From celebrating Earth Day to the Grade 5 educational trip to Can Gio, our students have been actively involved in various extracurricular activities. We are proud of their commitment and enthusiasm.

We are also looking forward to the upcoming PYP exhibition on May 17-18. Our students have been working hard to prepare for this event, and we are confident that they will showcase their learning and development with confidence and poise. The PYP exhibition is a platform for our students to showcase their learning and growth as IB learners.

We have also observed that our students have made significant progress in their development as IB learners. They have shown an increased ability to communicate effectively, take risks, and be reflective in their learning. Their performances and presentations during class activities and events have been commendable, and we are proud of their achievements.

As we approach the end of the school year, we have semester 2 exams that our students will be preparing for. We hope that you can support your child by providing a conducive environment for studying at home.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership in our students’ academic journey.

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms Vo Thi Ngoc Linh

IB Teacher – KG Homeroom Teacher

At the beginning of the new Unit “Sharing the planet”, KG students have experienced the tree planting activities. This activity helped students understand that trees (plants) are an important natural resource for humans and other living things. In addition, the central idea of the theme “Natural resources are shared by living things” is also clearly expressed through this activity, through which the students nurtured a love of nature. They feel more responsible when taking care of the plants. The class activities also celebrate Earth Day, with a small contribution to environmental protection, becoming a “child hero” to protect this planet. Seeing the little adorable faces intently participating in planting trees, we hope their actions of planting trees not only spread to people in class, at school, at home but everywhere.

Tesla Talk May, 2023
Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms Dang Thien Ngoc Truc

IB Teacher – Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

Earth Day – A special event of the year – has been enthusiastically and interestingly celebrated to by the Grade 1 students. During the past few weeks, they have learned a lot about natural resources in life and the value of those resources to human life. From there, the students gradually become aware of why it is important to protect those resources and are determined to take actions to protect the natural resources.

During the Earth Day event, the students confidently became “speakers” to help people know how to classify trash to contribute to the protection of the environment and natural resources. This proves that their efforts have had good results.

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms Nguyen Thi Diem Trinh

IB Teacher – Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher

“How wonderful is the world around us?”. Grade 2 students learned about the habitats of terrestrial and aquatic plants and animals. They know that every living thing needs a suitable environment to develop. They are aware of how human impact has affected nature. They then understood that each of us has a responsibility to the diverse ecosystems on this earth. Based on that spirit, Grade 2 students made a propaganda poster about environmental protection to raise our awareness. They also learned how to share and care more for the creatures currently living with humans on this planet.

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms Nguyen Hoang An Khanh

IB Teacher – EAL

Grade 1 students have been practicing their phonics skills constantly throughout the year. Now, they can read simple books themselves. Students were doing the peer reading activity. They felt more comfortable and enjoyed reading more when they read with their friends. Students helped and supported each other first, then they came to the teacher to do a teacher-student check.

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms Sheryl Ferrer Cruz

IB Teacher – ATL


Over the past few weeks, our KG learners have been investigating the central idea: “Natural resources are shared by living things”. To explore the scope of the unit, they inquired into: What are natural and man-made resources? What are living and nonliving things? How do living things use resources? These provocation questions have allowed students to identify and describe natural resources and living organisms. This first phase of the inquiry cycle sets the tone for the development of the inquiry. During this phase, students engaged with the central idea and established its relevance and worth. They focused on their prior knowledge and experiences and identified questions and problems to investigate. Children located and gathered plenty of information from a range of sources to further clarify or extend their questions. During this phase of the inquiry cycle, learners developed their research and communication skills as they were asked to demonstrate fluency and flexibility in their thinking. Our kindergarten students are very keen to move on to the next phase of inquiry. Keep it up, KG.

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Grade 1

Our Grade 1 students learned about Earth’s resources, natural vs. human-made materials, and how different materials are made. We will reflect on how people can make choices to reduce waste. We inquired into ‘The Three Rs: Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle’. We learned about the concept of citizenship and explored our roles, rights, and responsibilities in our environment.

Throughout this unit, students used research skills and thinking skills as they learned about why it is important to take care of the earth and the actions they can take to help keep our world clean and safe. By the end of this unit, students were able to name some of the Earth’s resources and describe what everyday objects are made of. They would be able to explain the difference between reducing, reusing, and recycling. Finally, they would be able to persuade others to take action to care for the earth and provide at least one reason why it is important to keep our world clean and safe.

Grade 2

Grade 2 students learn all about “Sharing the planet”. Grade 2 students are now in the reflection phase of the unit of the inquiry cycle. The students came to learn how plants, animals, and people are all connected and depend on each other to survive. The students started off the unit by learning about different habitats and the living things that can be found there. Later, they identified their favorite plant or animal and communicated everything they knew about them before building their very own habitat model at school!

Grade 2 students have developed their communication, thinking, and research skills in this unit, and this was evident in their summative assessment. They grouped themselves, picked one habitat to focus on, and applied their knowledge from the unit to it by creating a habitat model presentation guided by success criteria. The students did a fantastic job! Below are some photos from the Earth Day event showing our students’ efforts and hard work.

Tesla Talk May, 2023
Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms Nguyen Thi Thanh Sang

IB Teacher – Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher

Grade 3 students are inquiring into the 5th theme: “How the world works”. They are studying the laws and cycles of nature. Based on their knowledge and using the globe, they explained the phenomena of day and night and the four seasons. They observed and explained the phenomenon of tides rising and falling during the field trip to Can Gio. In addition, during this trip, the students learned that trees play an important role in regulating the climate and protecting the ecological environment by visiting the Dan Xay protection forest and directly participating in tree planting activities. .

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms Huynh Thi Kim Ngoc

IB Teacher – Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher

This April, we are excited to share with you some of the amazing things our Grade 4 students have achieved in the PYP program.

One of the key elements of PYP is learning skills, including communication skills, thinking skills, self-management skills, research skills, and social skills. In the 5th transdisciplinary unit, “Sharing the Planet”, students focus on developing research skills, social skills, and communication skills.

To organize information gathered from books, articles on Britanica or look it up on Google, students used mind maps and different forms of note-taking. This allowed them to visually represent information and connections between different concepts and ideas related to the research topic.

In addition, students spent most of their time working in groups, where they have the opportunity to collaborate and learn to share tasks and take responsibility. Through this, they developed social skills and learned how to work effectively with different peers.

Students also practiced their presentation skills by practicing presenting in front of others in small groups, video-recording their speech, and making adjustments before presenting to the class or the whole school.

We believe that the students will continue to develop communication, thinking, self-management, research and social skills in the future.

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms Doan Thị Huynh Hanh

IB Teacher – Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

April of the Grade 5 community was a series of outstanding and memorable activities in the “How the world works” unit, the first being an experiential learning trip in Can Gio. The students collected samples of water and organisms from each area with different salinity to learn about the ecological environment of the flora and fauna there, as well as learn more about the constellations and the role of the satellite in supporting people to harvest salt.

After the trip to Can Gio, the students were guided by scientists to analyze water samples and identify beneficial microorganisms that exist in the Can Gio mangrove system.

From research and practical experience, the students came to the final stage of the unit, which is to send a message through art products, 3D models, game design and make use of some recycled items. The PYP exhibition will take place on May 17-18, promising interesting things.

In addition to the unit of inquiry, the students also participated in a series of Earth Day activities with specific actions: collecting and sorting plastic waste, designing nylon fashion and making models “Poor stranded fish”. The end of April also marks the semester exam coming. Ms. Hanh wishes Grade 5 students to study hard for the best results and had a happy holiday with families.

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Mr Alexander Gordillo

IB Teacher – EAL


The last few weeks have been busy with many activities in and out of the classroom and with English language learning as a key feature of students’ experience. Of special mention were our Grade 3-5 field trips to Can Gio’s Mangrove Forest and related activities. We are thankful for parents’ active support and what we were able to learn during our 3-way conferences.

Grade 3

How does the moon’s gravitational pull affect our everyday reality? What are those lady-fingers we picked up at Can Gio’s Mangrove Forest and how can we grow them? These and other anchored our EAL activities ranging from reading comprehension passages, spelling quizzes, phonics and pronunciation, as well as writing simple and conditional sentences about the weather. Whether it’s the vocabulary of time, tidal pool creatures, or how to talk about the weather, Grade 3 had a busy unit developing grammar structures both spoken and written.

Grade 4

Following our trip to Can Gio, we conducted research in a variety of topics ranging from the life cycle of a mangrove tree, the reforestation of Can Gio’s Mangrove Forest, and all things mangrove! As part of our Unit of Inquiry: Saving Our Planet, students further developed their research, reading, and writing skills by focusing on plastic and food waste. Activities included making our own Graphic Organizers to gather information, close reading and listening activities with an emphasis on full comprehension, and sharing what we have learned to have practical solutions that help our environment. Students were speaking and writing about facts they learned through articles and video tutorials on these topics. Thanks to them, we will reduce plastic and food waste at our school!

Grade 5

No doubt that the field-trip to Can Gio will be a memory for many years to come. Following their trip, students chose topics to research about and present for their PYP exhibition. Students developed their own research questions ranging from learning about the benefits of observing the earth from space, the effects of Agent Orange on the mangrove forest, restoration and reforestation efforts in Can Gio, and ways to engage their community and educate them about what they are learning. We learned some note-taking skills, doing careful filtering of articles, and documenting their findings in customized Graphic Organizers. As preparation for their upcoming PYP Exhibition, students have been writing in their journals and working in groups collaboratively to create for our Tesla School community. We look forward to their exhibition and I have personally encouraged them to “learn to educate and inspire”.

Tesla Talk May, 2023
Tesla Talk May, 2023

Mr Brandon Williams

IB Teacher – ATL

The Upcycle and Recycle ASA allows students to get creative and problem solve while working with recycled and upcycled materials. Activities range from building and testing bridges made of milk cartons to designing upcycled plastic based products. The students are getting more and more creative! I’m looking forward to seeing the program develop next year.

Tesla Talk May, 2023
Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms Le Minh Anh

IB Teacher – Science

The Grade 5 students were busy preparing for their upcoming Primary Years Programme (PYP) exhibition. The PYP exhibition is a culminating event where students showcase their understanding and growth in the PYP curriculum.

The Grade 5 students were making outstanding progress with their tasks. They had modified their presentation slides, created an introduction video, brainstormed ideas for their products. They were currently working on creating brochures and 3D models to illustrate the theme, central ideas, and lines of inquiry.

Apart from their research, the students also had laboratory activities to investigate the amount of salt in water samples from Can Gio, Vietnam. They discovered various organisms in these samples. They were excited to use this information to raise awareness about the importance of water conservation and food chain preservation.

The Grade 5 students were committed to taking action and making a positive impact on society. They were looking forward to showcasing their hard work and dedication at the PYP exhibition. The school was proud of their achievements and looked forward to seeing their final products.

Tesla Talk May, 2023
Tesla Talk May, 2023

Mr Do Trung Hoc

IB Teacher – ICT

Programming is a crucial skill that is becoming increasingly important for the new generation of students. At Tesla, we believe that it is never too early to introduce students to this subject, which is why we offer programming courses to students from Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Our programming lessons are designed to be accessible and engaging for young learners. We start with intuitive drag-and-drop command blocks that allow students to learn concepts like sequences, conditional statements, and loops in a fun and interactive way. By making programming easily approachable from an early age, we hope to inspire students to pursue their interests in technology and prepare them for the future.

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Grade 3 students program to simulate the orbits of the Sun, Moon, and Earth (

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Grade 4 students program to simulate the photosynthesis of plants (

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms Nguyen Thi Quynh Dien

IB Teacher – Art

Enthusiastic and driven, the students poured their hearts and souls into bringing the Earth Day event on April 21st, 2023, to life, fueled by a passion for making a positive impact on the world around them.

The backdrop, crafted from recycled plastic bags and artfully fashioned by the collaborative efforts of Grade 6 and Grade 5 students, provided a striking visual centerpiece for the festivities. Meanwhile, the schoolyard was transformed into a mesmerizing display of creativity, with an array of upcycled materials, such as yogurt bottles, and Grade 3 earth models, carefully hung in place. Not to be outdone, the Grade 6 students lent their support to Grade 3’s fashion design project, helping to create stunning newspaper suits for girls and cardboard robot costumes for boys. Even the youngest members of the school community got involved, with KG and Grade 5 students fashioning suits and hats from recycled plastic and repurposed bows, respectively.

And at last, the culmination of all their hard work arrived: a successful, breathtaking Earth Day event, a true testament to the students’ dedication and responsibility. Congratulations to all who made it happen!

Tesla Talk May, 2023


Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms Angela Baker

IB MYP Coordinator

Greetings, MYP families, and welcome to Tesla Talk 5.0!

It has been a busy six weeks filled with STEM week, three-way conferences, a field trip to VN Waste Solutions, Earth Week celebrations, and MOET mid-semester and final exams. The Grade 6 students have been studying for exams, working on summative assessments, and supporting their classmates in preparation for our Earth Day Assembly. I want to thank Tom, Nguyen, and Phuc for their help with the Earth Day Fashion Show.

As we head toward the end of the school year, we look forward to finishing our joint I & S and EAL projects so the students can share their final museum photo exhibits. We will complete the year focusing on globalization and sustainability on a global level and looking at how the students can make a difference on a local level.

As always, thank you for supporting our students and the Tesla community.

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Mr Alexander Gordillo

IB Teacher – EAL

Grade 6

We are wrapping up an in-depth unit on the Vietnam-American War where students are learning to describe photographs while providing historical and social contexts. We are also learning valuable skills on note-taking, close listening and reading, and, of course, building our personal glossaries. Students also took an EAL exam where they practiced many English-language skills such as reading comprehension, phonics, listening to short passages, and using talking points to do short speaking presentations. This dynamic unit has been sensitive in nature as students continue to look at photos from the war era and reflecting on our own trip to the Independence Palace, the War Remnants Museum, and the monument for the Venerable Thich Quang Duc. Notably, we had a guest speaker who told us her story of being a refugee along with the perils of the sea for refugees everywhere. Along with Individuals & Society, the goal of this unit is not only on developing language skills through learning about history but also developing their own moral compass.

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Mr Nguyen Kieu Quoc Bao

IB Teacher – PE

Developing physical and athletic skills is an important part of our curriculum. Therefore, I always focus on how to stimulate the students’ love of sports and help them be more active and diligent in exercise. During this time, the students learnt volleyball and the first skill they learnt is cushioning the ball. This is a difficult technique for them, but they tried very hard to do it well. Let’s congratulate them on their efforts!

Tesla Talk May, 2023

Ms Thach Thi Le Thu

IB Teacher – Librarian

Learning Resource Center

Earth Day book collection

Mother Earth is in the hands of our little learners! Let’s teach them how to love our planet with a little help from our favorite list of Earth Day books! Starting healthy habits in the early years will help small actions become a way of life. Teaching our little learners about the importance of taking care of our planet is so important! The best part about these Earth Day books is that they make taking care of our planet fun! Finding ways to reuse items or recycling bottles, glass, paper, and more teach little learners how to care for the earth. Get those little learners recycling early and often!

Citation for beginners

Source examples are books, websites, magazines, newspapers, online articles, charts, and music,… All of these sources were created by someone. Each work belongs to the person who created it. The work is that person’s intellectual property. When students find a useful bit of information. Students found it and they think it’s free – but they’re using someone else’s intellectual property. That’s why fourth, fifth, and sixth-graders learn to cite and reference their sources. They have to document their sources to give credit to the person whose ideas they used. Using information from other people without crediting them is called plagiarism. Citing sources lends authority to their work and lets their teachers know that they did their research. At Tesla, students strive to be principled learners who possess a strong sense of fairness. In fact, being principled is part of the IB (International Baccalaureate) Learner Profile, along with other attributes such as being caring and open-minded.


Tesla Talk May, 2023

Dear Tesla Parents,

Tesla would like to thank the Parents who have always trusted, accompanied and supported the school.

We would like to introduce the Tesla Summer Camp 2023 for Early Years and Primary students, from 2 to 12 years old. The Summer Camp will run for 6 weeks, from June 19 to July 28, 2023. Parents can choose to register for 4 weeks or 6 weeks.

Summer Camp is a great time for children to have fun, explore and experience. Tesla also offers a 20% tuition discount when parents pay before May 20, 2023.

Parents, please see Summer Camp programme at: and register here: You can also contact Tesla Care via email or phone number 028 7307 9889 (Ext 102) / 0987 599 267 to register for your children.

Kind regards.


Tesla Talk May, 2023

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year, Tesla Education offers opportunities for students from Early Years to Secondary. Tesla currently provides the Integrated International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme.

Why choose Tesla?

– The programme not only ensures international standards but also preserves the Vietnamese language and culture.

– Students graduating from Tesla will receive the IB Diploma and/or the National High School Diploma, increasing their chances of entering prestigious universities in the world.

– Spacious facilities, safe learning environment, maximum support for learning.

– A variety of experiential activities, both inside and outside the classroom to stimulate thinking and develop skills for students.

– A team of multinational, enthusiastic, experienced teachers.

– Stable tuition fees, and flexible financial support packages, helping parents feel secure to invest in their children’s long-term learning path.

2023 – 2024 exclusive admission promotion

Only students applying for the school year 2023 – 2024 will receive many attractive admission promotion from Tesla Education such as:

50% Registration fee discount and  Up to 15% Tuition discount when applying in group.

8% Tuition fee discount when paying annual fee in full before 31 May 2023.

15% Scholarship for grade 6 – 8.

Up to 2 billion VND in tuition savings when participating in the Education Savings Package.

Your child’s academic journey is a long one, so being financially well-prepared will best support your child when they attend the Integrated IB program at Tesla.

Please contact Admissions Office for consultation via phone number 0984 94 80 80 / 028 7307 9889 – 102 or Email


Tesla Education’s mission is to provide a supportive and engaging learning environment that emphasizes the sciences, design, and technology by delivering an education that meets the highest international standards with a focus on well-being while ensuring students are grounded in their home languages and cultures. At Tesla, the Scholarship Program offers additional tuition funding to young people of outstanding ability and character. Tesla scholarships are for individual years and recipients must reapply to be eligible in the next academic school year.

We really appreciate and thank you for your interest in applying for Tesla Scholarship 2023 – 2024.

We will proceed to follow the scholarship process and the final results will be announced by June 2, 2023.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the scholarship, please contact the Scholarship Coordinator via email at or phone number 028 7307 9889 (Ext – 125).

Scholarship Programme Coordinator

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