Prestigious international escalator school in Ho Chi Minh City

Prestigious international escalator school in Ho Chi Minh City

About Tesla Education


  • Tan Binh Campus: 171B Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Phu Nhuan Campus: Golden Mansion, 119 Pho Quang, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City. 

Tesla Education was established in 2015, offering programs from Early Years to Secondary. Tesla’s goal is to become a modern and prestigious International escalator School system in Ho Chi Minh City, nurturing the passion for learning in every student, and developing responsible individuals. Tesla focuses on improving knowledge and skills for students in the fields of Science, Technology, Design, Business and Language.

Prestigious international escalator school in Ho Chi Minh City

Tesla is a prestigious International escalator School in Ho Chi Minh City

Why choose Tesla Escalator Education?

As one of the most prestigious International escalator schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Tesla Education offers the Integrated International Baccalaureate program in HCMC. The integration of IB with National Curriculum in the education process at Tesla Primary Education and Tesla Secondary Education helps to build a comprehensive international education for students. Tesla accompanies students on their way to become global citizens proud of their Vietnamese national identity. Tesla graduates will receive an IB Diploma and/or a National High School Diploma.  

Tesla Education also applied the educational method of the International Baccalaureate. With this method, students learn through interaction and the program is associated with reality, challenging and focused, in order to promote thinking as well as students’ agency. It is placing students at the center of learning that helps them, especially those who love to explore, have the opportunity to discover their own strengths and bravely pursue their passions. 

Prestigious international escalator school in Ho Chi Minh City

IB Methodology for thinking development in students

The international educational environment gives Tesla students very early access to Science, Technology, Design and Language from Primary School and continues to focus on development as they progress to International Secondary School in HCMC. The curriculum aims to achieve the goal of comprehensive development of both their knowledge, skills, minds and emotions. In particular, students are allowed to develop a maximum of multilingualism with an additional bilingual approach. This means that they will acquire English in tandem with Vietnamese, rather than completely replacing their mother tongue with English from their first years at Tesla Primary Education. 

Prestigious international escalator school in Ho Chi Minh City

Tesla students get early access to Science and Technology

Professional, dedicated and experienced teachers are important factors, contributing to the creation of talented students, whether they join any international environment. Tesla Education’s hiring policy ensures that academic leaders and teachers are not only professionally qualified but also experienced in caring for students and able to inspire and shape the future for the younger generation.  

Tesla Education Facilities – Prestigious international escalator school

Tesla Education is built in the area of security, open design and convenient for the transportation of parents. The campus consists of classrooms and function rooms, which meet the standards of a prestigious International escalator School in Ho Chi Minh City. Students enjoy modern, creative learning and play spaces, including:  

– Covered indoor multi-purpose sports field. 

– The outdoor artificial grass football fields are non-slip, safe for physical activity and play.  

– 25m long outdoor swimming pool and a shallow swimming pool for Early Years student. 

– Music Room with a variety of instruments.

– Physics-Science Lab, Biochemistry Lab, Information Technology Room, Design Technology and Artificial Intelligence Room, Visual Arts Room.

– The learning center meets IB standards, including thousands of English-Vietnamese books.

Prestigious international escalator school in Ho Chi Minh City

Tesla Education Learning Resources Center

In addition, 24/24 camera system is installed in many locations around the campus and professional security team is on call to ensure the absolute security of all Tesla Education students, teachers and staff.  

It can be said that, with the advantages of the educational program and the educational environment, Tesla is a reliable choice when parents want to find the International School in Ho Chi Minh City for their children. The learning pathway continuum will help students make steady progress from Early Years, Primary to Secondary. In particular, the International Baccalaureate degree is of global value and high rigour, so IB graduates are always appreciated by top universities. Therefore, Tesla students will have many advantages to join the prestigious global universities – something that every parent wishes to bring to their child.

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