International summer camp

International summer camp

The international summer camp program offers students the opportunity to experience a new learning and living environment. This will be an opportunity for students to improve themselves by building their independence, improve their foreign language skills, social communication skills and develop their aptitudes. Understanding these benefits, in recent years, more parents have chosen the international summer camp program for their children. 

What is the international summer camp program? 

International Summer Camp is a summer program that combines study and extracurricular activities. In this program, students will experience living abroad, get acquainted with the international learning style, explore famous landmarks. With the tendency to choose an international summer camp program for their children, parents have more and more options to suit the needs of their children and their families.

International summer camp

International summer camp program chosen by many parents for their children

Should parents let students join in an international summer camp? 

Parents always want their children to be good at foreign languages, to be independent, confident, to develop life skills in parallel with the cultivation of knowledge. In order for children not to lose summer and parents not to spend much time managing, the international summer camp program is the model that many parents trust to register for their children. 

Joining the international summer camp, students will learn how to live independently when they are away from their families, at the same time discovering many new cultures and improving their language ability, communicating with people. The opportunity to experience many practical activities will set the foundation for the next steps in the students’ lives. Therefore, parents can let their children participate in international summer camps domestically or abroad. 

International summer camp

Students camping overnight at Tesla Summer Camp

Benefits of the international summer camp program for your child 

Students are more independent

Joining the summer camp, besides the support of teachers and coordinators, students still have to complete the work of taking care of themselves. They learn about the teamwork spirit, respecting the common schedule and the differences between individuals, as well as not needing reminders from anyone. 

Development of English language ability

Most students after attending the international summer camp program have made progress in their English language abilities. It is the opportunity to live and study in the international environment that will help children develop the best language ability. Having access to new learning methods and regularly giving presentations helps students be more proactive with critical thinking and improve their foreign language ability naturally. 

International summer camp

Students study English with native teacher at an international summer camp

Develop communication and teamwork skills

Exploration and fun activities with friends and teachers and advanced educational methods will help children be more bold and confident in communication. In a group environment, students will learn to listen, respect others’ opinions, and contribute to the common cause. 

Physical Enhancement 

Summer is an opportunity for students to spend more time in movement, participating in sports suitable for their age and physical condition. International summer camp programs always include a lot of movement games for children to explore nature, practice wellness and develop positive habits in participating in sports. 

International summer camp

Opportunities for physical training while participating in the international summer camp program

Experience the feeling of short-term study abroad 

Participating in the international summer camp program will be an opportunity for students to live and study as if studying abroad for a short period of time. This can be considered an experience trip before deciding on a plan to study abroad or choose their path in the future.

International Summer Camp Program at Tesla Education

Tesla Summer Camp is organized annually for children ages 2 to 11, divided into the international summer camp program for Early Years and Primary. Depending on the age of the child, parents may choose the appropriate summer program. Tesla Summer Camp includes a variety of thematic learning, exploration, and hands-on experiences that are worthy gifts that parents can give to their children. 

The Tesla summer camp program is held every June. Parents can enroll in Tesla summer camp for 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or 8 weeks. They have the potential and creativity in many fields such as English, Science, Technology, Art, Music, Sports,…  

International summer camp

Tesla International Summer Camp for Primary School Students

In addition to the time spent exploring in the classroom, students regularly participate in a lot of outdoor learning activities and practical field trips to strengthen their knowledge, develop their life skills and help them have more confidence. 

Tesla Summer Camp Goals:

– Bring students a healthy, fun and memorable summer. 

– Learning through practical experience. 

– Opportunity for students to discover themselves and realize their strengths. 

– Encourage students to face the challenge courageously, without being afraid to make mistakes. 

– Form a sense of responsibility towards themselves and society. 

– Creativity is not limited to any area. 

– Promotes mental and emotional development in society.

The international summer camp program is a meaningful reward that parents can offer their children after a year of hard work and rewarding achievements. Memories and new relationships with friends at the summer camp will follow them forever. 

About Tesla Education

Tesla Education currently has two campuses: Tan Binh campus and Phu Nhuan campus. Tesla Education offers a curriculum for students from Early Years to Secondary. Students study the International Baccalaureate (IB) program integrated with the National Curriculum. Tesla educates students to develop comprehensively in knowledge, skills, ethics, emotions and society. Students will become individuals with innovative thinking skills, especially in the fields of Science, Technology, Design and Business. 

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The educational pathway from International Primary to International Secondary will give students a solid educational foundation, especially when they are forged through the rigorous challenges of the IB program. As a student of Tesla Education, they will have a meaningful and rewarding learning journey. 

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