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Unlocking the potential of talented kids with the Integrated International Baccalaureate Program at Tesla

Tesla Education 2 Jun, 2023 3:32 pm

Congratulations to the school for creating a lifelong learnershared former parents atTesla Education.  Tesla offers the Integrated International Baccalaureate Programme in Tan Binh District (HCMC).

Build studying habits beyond the classroom 

With the goal of developing the IB Learner Profile Attributes that are highly valued at prestigious universities, Tesla Primary Years Programme (PYP) focuses on developing Approach to Learning (ATL) skills for each student. Students’ achievement is not measured by scores or assessments but by developing the ability to think, communicate, collaborate, research, and organize themselves. While scores represent only results for the moment, to help students adapt and thrive in all environments, whether educational or social, appropriate learning methods play an important role. 

Sara – a former Tesla student currently studying abroad in New Zealand, was awarded a co-shared Dux position, the highest score in the school. Her Science score is impressive the top 10% for all of Australia, New Zealand, and Asia Pacific students.On her award, it noted her accomplishment was even more special as English is not her first languageshared Mr. David WatsonSara’s parent.

According to Ms. Pham Thi HueSara’s mother, the Integrated International Baccalaureate Programme at Tesla School provided my children with a solid foundation before being exposed to the learning journey in a foreign country. Sara islearned how to learninstead of being delivered knowledge passively so that she has independence and initiative in learning so as not to be surprised in the new environment.

Unlocking the potential of talented kids with the Integrated International Baccalaureate Program at Tesla
Sara and Maya with remarkable academic achievements after their first years at Tesla

When talent goes hand in hand with academics 

Sara and her sister Maya – who also studied at Tesla – not only show excellent academic performance but are also talented in Drama. Passing more than 60 auditions, they landed the lead roles in Disney’s Newsies JR. Their parents are very grateful to Tesla for caring and encouraging students to develop their artistic talents on stage. 

“The Early Years and Primary Years background at Tesla is helping Maya and Sara achieve great success as they now have the lead roles in Disney’s Newsies JR through self-expression and communication with their group. Tesla has laid the foundation for children to build their confidence and demeanor. This helps them a lot even when they are no longer at Tesla.” – Mr. David Watson shared. 

In fact, the Integrated International Baccalaureate Programme has rigorous requirements for the holistic development of personal qualities. That’s why, besides learning inside the classroom, Tesla School also make a great investment to ensure that each student finds their passion and is successful.

Thư viện Trường Quốc tế Tesla
The school's facilities can accommodate most sports and arts activities

Built according to international standards, Tesla School provides full facilities for learning and experiential activities such as a multi-function sports hall, football field, swimming pool, Music studio, and Visual Arts studio,... From there, students have the opportunity to explore their own artistic abilities such as painting, singing, dancing, cooking, etc., or physical strengthening subjects: Basketball, football, swimming, badminton, aerobics, etc. 

No pressure on achievements or scores, experience in many different fields is an opportunity for learners to confidently express their personality, and practice perseverance and creativitytwo of the four core values of the school. At the same time, withHouse Teams” (Buffalo; Dragon; Tiger; Phoenix) help students regularly improve communication and cooperation skills. When working in groups with peers from other grades, students learn to respect individual differences and build teamwork, cooperation, and teamwork skills.

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International integration and maintain Vietnamese identity 

Integrated International Baccalaureate Programme at Tesla  is a combination of the national curriculum and the IB framework. At Primary Years Programme (PYP), children study in a bilingual English-Vietnamese environment to ensure a solid foundation and balanced development. From there, they can easily progress to an environment where English is mostly used in the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and proficiency in the Diploma Programme (DP) with full use of English.

This is also the most effective method for children to achieve multilingualism. By allowing them to regularly use their mother tongue from a young age, Tesla Education always reminds them to appreciate Vietnamese, especially when English gradually becomes a global trend. Compared with the monolingual education of most international schools, Tesla has brought new hope for global integration while preserving the quintessence of Vietnam. 

In addition, the Integrated International Baccalaureate Programme at Tesla also focuses on cultivating global citizens. The students participate in many extra-curricular activities and field trips in Vietnam and the region, thereby understanding urgent global issues such as saltwater intrusion, climate change, and environmental protection,… With the vision and mission of learning closely linked to real-world problems, Tesla School wants students to soon form an analytical, critical, interested, and apply their knowledge to real life, nurturing a global mindset for young generations. 

Unlocking the potential of talented kids with the Integrated International Baccalaureate Program at Tesla
Field trips help students break through barriers to thinking and knowledge

Thanks to the flexible educational framework, the Integrated International Baccalaureate Programme at Tesla develops generations of students who meet international standards, giving them the opportunity to directly enter world-renowned universities with a prestigious IB degree. Not only that, they can both study abroad and can choose to study at leading universities in Vietnam with foreign affiliate programs such as the International University of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, and Open University. Not only a school with international standards, but Tesla School is also proud to be a place to discover and nurture many international talents right in Vietnam.

Learn more about the Integrated IB Programme at Tesla Education: HERE.


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