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Tesla Education – The first and only IB School in Tan Binh District

Tesla Education 8 Jun, 2023 10:21 am

Tesla Education is one of 20 IB schools in Vietnam that are officially present on the “map” of the IB Organization. The school is currently enrolling students for the 2023-2024 school year with a program to discover students’ potential talents and many interesting and useful learning activities and experiences. 

IB Program: Door to the World 

Developed in Switzerland – the most educated country in the world, the International Baccalaureate (IB) program is a comprehensive and longstanding educational program. The educational philosophy that the IB program is aiming for is to provide learners with multi-dimensional learning experiences and comprehensive development. The IB standard education aims to develop the 4 most important aspects that help shape a person’s attributes and qualities, including: Intellectual, Personal, Emotional and Soft Skills. Instead of focusing solely on academic knowledge, IB encourages the development of cultural aspects, mindsets and skills. From research and writing to effective communication, students become more multi-talented and confident to face life’s challenges. 

With a wide and globally recognized network, the IB program is seen as a bridge to help learners connect, understand and appreciate cultural diversity. The IB Organization supports and oversees IB World Schools through a network of regional offices and authorized consultants. The organization provides professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators, as well as ongoing support and guidance for schools. As a result, the educational quality of IB Schools is always monitored, guaranteed and continuously fostered to meet the needs of students to access high-quality international education. 

Therefore, when possessing an IB diploma, students have the opportunity to access thousands of top universities in the world, where IB students are highly appreciated for their critical thinking ability, research and teamwork skills. As of June 2023, in Vietnam, there are 20 international schools that have passed extremely strict standards to be recognized by the IB Organization as the IB World School. 

Tesla Education - The first and only IB School in Tan Binh District
IB Schools all share the same philosophy - commitment to high quality and challenging international education

Tesla IB World School: Affirming the international standard quality of education 

Tesla Education has officially achieved its goal of becoming an IB World School, recognized by the IB Organization (IBO) and authorized to offer the PYP Primary Years Programme (from Early Years to Grade 5). Tesla is also a candidate for the MYP Middle Years Programme (Grade 6 to 10) and the DP – Diploma Programme (Grade 11 to 12).

Trường Quốc tế Tesla
Tesla Education is the first and only school in Tan Binh District

In 2021, Tesla Education announced it had become an IB Candidate School. After more than two years of efforts to improve as well as many rigorous visits and evaluations by the IB Organization, on May 2, 2023, Tesla officially became an World IB School. To be authorized by the IB Organization, a school must meet a lot of strict requirements. In addition to continuously improving the quality of teaching and the professional development of teachers, schools must possess a curriculum that meets IB standards, modern facilities, solid legal foundation and strong ethics. An international, student-centered culture of thinking in the school environment and interaction between the school and the parent-student community are also two important factors.

Tesla Education - The first and only IB School in Tan Binh District
Tesla Education owns a campus of more than 8000m2 with full modern, convenient and safe facilities for the comprehensive development of students
Tesla Education - The first and only IB School in Tan Binh District
A team of professional and dedicated teachers, participating in periodic professional development
Trường quốc tế Tesla
With early and regular access to science - technology, art and language diversity, Tesla helps students develop comprehensively, fully equipped with knowledge and skills to live, learn and adapt in a world of constant change

Becoming an IB World School is a strong affirmation of the school’s educational quality and organizational transformation efforts to meet the rigorous requirements of the IB Organization. This achievement comes from the relentless striving of the school’s leaders, teachers, and staff along with the trust and companionship from parents and students. After this event, parents expressed their peace of mind and confidence in the educational environment guaranteed by international organizations. Tesla Education is still making constant efforts to maintain its position and improve the quality of its teaching in order to contribute to society generations full of bravery, creativity and inquisitiveness. 

Tesla Education - The first and only IB School in Tan Binh District
Meetings between schools and parents are an opportunity to exchange and listen to ideas in order to offer solutions, directions and increase the cohesion of the Tesla community

Mr. Tim Vanderpool Head of School of Tesla Education shared: Although Tesla’s mission and vision include many different elements, the main goal is still to help students overcome difficulties, create futures and succeed in a world that is constantly changing. Tesla provides students with the attributes they need to make informed decisions about their future studies and careers. At Tesla, the school teaches the Integrated International Baccalaureate Program of international standards, which is a solid launch pad for students to enter world universities through fully equipping them with qualities and skills to integrate without losing their own identity.

Learn more about the Integrated IB Programme at Tesla Education: HERE.


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