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Tesla – IB World School: Study to prepare for overseas education

Tesla Education 6 Jun, 2023 11:43 am

Integrating the IB program into the curriculum, which is especially popular in developed countries, Tesla Education aims to maximize the scope of creativity and development of “future generations” instead of “framing” students within a classroom.

Beyond the boundaries of the classroom 

In recent years, the field of education has witnessed numerous positive changes in Vietnam and globally. The shift from one-sided education, focused solely on achievement, to fostering learning experiences that enable learners to acquire multidimensional knowledge has become prominent. Presently, educational institutions worldwide are striving to provide comprehensive education that balances intellectual and physical development, cultivates suitable qualities for each individual, and promotes respect for differences. 

Since its establishment in 1986, the IB program has gained popularity among developed countries like the US, Australia, Canada, and others. Going beyond a mere emphasis on scores or rankings, the IB program is tailored for students aged 3 to 19, with a key focus on developing four essential aspects that shape the character of individuals in today’s society: intellectual, personal, emotional, and soft skills. This approach enables students to engage in intriguing learning experiences within their surroundings, fostering freedom in learning and discovering their inner potential without being confined by tests or scores. 

Bao Ly, a student of the IB Integrated Program at Tesla Education, has made a remarkable impression since the age of 10, when she independently began writing books on fostering healthy living habits. This topic aligns with the curriculum of the IB Integrated Program that Bao Ly is pursuing at Tesla Education. She has compiled the knowledge she has gained into a concise book, intending to share insights on “healthy” eating and adopting a wholesome lifestyle. Additionally, Bao Ly displays a particular interest in traditional music, as evidenced by her composition of a poem dedicated to the folk songs of South Vietnam. 

“In class, my friends and I asked a lot of questions when we didn’t understand something. I enjoy learning a lot and sharing my ideas with my classmates. I have learned many topics, and my favorite topic is “Who are we. The topics learned have also inspired me to write my own little book – Eat healthy”Bao Ly confidently shared in English.

Tesla - IB World School: Study to prepare for overseas education
The IB Integration Program at Tesla nurtures students and Bao Ly's initiative in learning

A trusted friend – teacher in the journey to becoming a global citizen 

Tesla Education was established in 2015. It has a distinct advantage over other international schools when it comes to integrating the general education program with the IB framework. Aware of the limitations that can lead to subtractive bilingualism when teaching 100% English every day, lack of family and social interactions in the mother tongue, the IB Integrated Program at Tesla aims to preserve the Vietnamese language and culture, while at the same time, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive education to develop their academic path at all global universities or colleges. 

Combining two educational models in the curriculum may appear to impose significant pressure on learners, but the transdisciplinary learning approach at Tesla ensures that the learning experience is not excessively burdensome. At Tesla, the curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to align with each stage of the students’ growth, while also valuing and accommodating their unique learning requirements.

According to Ms. Tuyet Loan, the parent of Bao Ly, who has enrolled both of her children in Primary school at Tesla: My children at school have learned a lot through books and at the same time have many opportunities to experience the outside environment. They love it because they can go to the farm to make peanuts, go to work as a farmer, go to the museum, etc. Learning by themes in both Vietnamese and English also helps them to be fluent in both Vietnamese and English. They are also much more “confident” than other peers” .

Tesla - IB World School: Study to prepare for overseas education
Learning through experience is an opportunity to expand knowledge

In addition to knowledge, students have many opportunities to experience real life in both academic and social environments. Respect for new ideas, listening and companionship from teachers also contribute to the formation of confidence, the ability to think critically, as well as improving many social skills for students. With a curriculum that helps develop intellectual, emotional and physical attributes, Tesla offers a balance between acquiring knowledge, cultivating essential skills for “hardware” and building good qualities, positive attitude and proactive and responsible spirit.

Along with the family, the school has great after-school activities for parents to pay more attention to their children. Parents can see the strengths or weaknesses of their children to improve. Children learn in an environment that is loved by the teachers and oriented to develop in a healthy way, so the family is very satisfied and reassured” – Ms. Tuyet Loan, Bao Ly’s parent shared. 

Tesla - IB World School: Study to prepare for overseas education
Ballet is Bao Ly's favorite art
Tesla - IB World School: Study to prepare for overseas education
Tesla offers a balance between acquiring knowledge, cultivating skills, and building good attributes

Recently, Tesla Education has officially become an World IB School, recognized by the IB Organization, which supports monitoring and evaluation management. To be recognized by the IB Organization, Tesla Education must meet rigorous educational standards. This is the “sweet fruit” that the whole Tesla community has constantly strived for in the journey to give wings to young students to reach out to the world.

Learn more about the Integrated IB Programme at Tesla Education: HERE.


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