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Teaching and Learning transformation in the times of Covid-19 crisis

Tesla Education 7 Jun, 2021 1:46 pm

How is the world of education adapting to the need for school campus closures? Many countries have widely applied technology in teaching, gradually replacing traditional educational methods to adapt to the new context.

Transforming teaching and learning methods to adapt to the new norm

The monitoring report of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) indicates that: the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the learning of more than 1.7 billion students worldwide in 192 countries. A year after the outbreak of the pandemic, nearly half of all global students are still affected by partial or complete school closures.

In reality, the traditional education system has many criteria that are no longer relevant in the current context. On the other hand, the Covid-19 pandemic also opens a new stage for global education. Online teaching and learning methods will become an integral part of general education.

Teaching and Learning transformation in the times of Covid-19 crisis

Campus’s may be closed, however the learning continues

In addition to overcoming the limitations of the traditional education model during the pandemic, online teaching and learning also create conditions for students to hone essential skills in the modern context.

Talking about online learning, Mr. Tim Vanderpool – Director of Studies at Tesla Education commented: “Although online learning will not be able to replace the important social interactions that students have at school, they can build important skills that can be applied in many different situations.”

The skills Mr. Tim is talking about include independence, time management skills, patience, adaptability, communication skills and courage to face challenges.

In addition, to make the online learning process of children more effective, the role of parents is extremely important. Parents should be companions, not supervisors. Parents shall create conditions and be more open so that your children can easily share their learning difficulties; keep your daily routine just like when your children go to school, help them keep in touch with friends, limit technology devices when not needed…

Teaching and Learning transformation in the times of Covid-19 crisis

Online learning is the solution for global education during the Covid-19 pandemic

Choose an educational model that is suitable for your children’s development

Indeed, in any situation, parents always play an important role in orienting their children’s learning pathway. Therefore, the top concern of parents is about choosing an appropriate educational model, so their children can enjoy a comprehensive learning and development environment. More importantly, should they send their children to a traditional or modern educational program?

Teaching and Learning transformation in the times of Covid-19 crisis

Orientation of early education creates a premise for children to develop outstandingly

John Dewey (1859-1952), a famous American educational reformer, in his work “Experience and Education” called American education in the 19th-century traditional education. It is a form of education that looks to the past, imposing the experiences and knowledge of adults, “eternal truths” and “eternal values” on children.

Traditional teaching methods are teacher-centered. The teacher will be the one to provide knowledge and the students will listen, take notes and memorize. The disadvantage of this way of teaching is that it makes students passively absorb knowledge while the lessons are theoretical  and not lively. It is difficult for students to apply what they have learned in practice because there are not many opportunities to practice.

Meanwhile, the modern educational environment aims to bring comprehensive development to students, putting students in the center. Modern education also aims to develop mature people from their own experiences, who know how to think, have qualities and abilities.

The purpose of modern education is to help students gain self-control, maximize their intelligence, judgment, ability to think independently and critically. These are important skills for students to actively cultivate knowledge and create lifelong self-study habits. In particular, the agency in learning will contribute to the formation of brave citizens, capable of mastering themselves and their life.

In the face of a rapidly changing world, it is none other than parents who are able to build a solid foundation for the future of their children.

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