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Integrated International Programme at Tesla

Tesla Education 7 Jun, 2021 11:38 am

Tesla Education is a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme PYP (KG – Grade 5) Middle Years Programme MYP (Grade 6 – Grade 10) and Diploma Programme DP (Grade 11 &12). Tesla is the only school teaching the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Tan Binh District.

Tesla Education is unique in providing an integrated international curriculum, combining both the high standards set by the National Curriculum (NC) with the rigorous international standards of the IB organization. This is a unique teaching and learning method with flexible content to meet modern educational requirements.

Tesla academic program is based on high standards set by the National Curriculum and international content standards following IB curriculum to provide the “What” students need to know, and we are utilizing the IB framework and approaches to teaching and learning to provide the “How” students learn the concepts.

Bilingualism at Tesla helps students develop both Vietnamese and English at the same pace. They will have a solid language foundation and more advantages when applying to universities both at home and abroad.

In addition to the traditional subjects, the program also includes specific subjects such as Units Of Inquiry (UOI) in Primary; Design and Technology, Business Management, Health and Physical Education, Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay (TEE), Creativity – Activity – Service (CAS),…in Secondary (Diploma Programme DP).

Integrated International Programme at Tesla


Early Years (18 months – 4 years)

Tesla provides an integrated curriculum based on international standards that include individual subjects taught in both Vietnamese and English. A focus of the play-based student experience through project-based learning is preparing students for the collaborative and inquiry-driven environment of the PYP beginning in Kindergarten.

Primary (KG – Grade 5)

The foundation of the Tesla PYP program is the National Curriculum learning outcomes and specialist courses enhanced by the international-standard IB framework taught in English. At the core of the PYP experience is the goal of developing the attributes of a lifelong learner.

Secondary (Grade 6 – Grade 12)

The MYP is a five-year programme (Grade 6 – Grade 10) and the DP is a two-year programme (Grade 11 & 12).

The academic program integrates the National Curriculum learning outcomes with international content standards to ensure every student has the opportunity to be successful in the rigorous two-year Diploma Programme. At the foundation of the experience is the IB approaches to teaching and learning that is focused on the whole child and their complete cognitive development.

Students continue in the bilingual environment during the middle years, the level of English instruction is incrementally increased throughout the program so students are ready to be successful in the all-English Diploma Programme of high school.

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