Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

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Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Pham Thi Huong Tra

EYP Coordinator

The collaboration between families and schools is essential to create a supportive, consistent, and enriching learning environment aimed at promoting comprehensive development and success in the education of students. When families and schools work together as partners in education, children will develop strongly academically, socially, and emotionally.

During the seminar “Unlocking the Curriculum – Parent Guide” held on October 14, 2023, parents gained a better understanding of the school’s perspectives and methods in the curriculum. Particularly, when participating in the classroom environment of their children, engaging directly with teaching aids and materials, parents were delighted and felt the joy and happiness of experiencing inquiry-based learning activities.

Let’s look back on the joyful moments cherished by the parents during their participation in the seminar and classroom activities!

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh

Early Years Teacher

Outdoor play activities foster children’s agility and adaptation to the natural environment, while also promoting their confidence and resilience in life. Play is the primary activity through which children learn and engage. Consequently, children gradually develop their intellectual, physical, and socio-emotional skills, aiming for comprehensive personality development. Through outdoor activities, children can harness their proactive and positive mindset. At the same time, they experience comfort and relaxation while breathing the fresh air of the surrounding natural environment.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang

Early Years Teacher

A new spring begins. Everyone is excited, eagerly anticipating the biggest festival of the year: Tet holiday. The little ones in class F1 are no exception. They are curious when they see the Tet atmosphere becoming warm, no longer cold like winter. The apricot trees in the school yard also start to bloom, with some blossoms bursting into bright yellow flowers, “docked” on small, beautiful cards. Children also learn to “wrap” white cabbage leaves into green, red, orange colors, or make bubble baths with orange peel oil. Colorful lucky money envelopes painted by the children’s own hands bring more joy than any toys. Meaningful Tet wishes are also memorized by the children to send to grandparents, parents when Tet comes. They try their best to practice the dance “Spring Fairy” in preparation for the Spring Flower Festival. The children in class F1 wish everyone a peaceful and happy new year!

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Pham Thi Thanh Phuc

Early Years Teacher

The spring atmosphere is overflowing everywhere at Tesla. Every day at school, the children learn something new and interesting about traditional holidays. Whether it’s a traditional dish, a typical custom, the good meaning of red envelopes, or even more fascinating, the vibrant colored flowers usually present during the holiday.

Interesting questions are raised by the students in each lesson, and along with that, knowledge is supplemented through simple fun activities. Ultimately, the students themselves will be the ones to decorate to make the spring days even more colorful and vibrant.

A Tet decoration activity in class F2 helps the students further understand the significance of beautiful traditions, while also cultivating patience and carefulness within them

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Tran Thi Hong Tham

Early Years Teacher

During the end of year, it’s the time when children learn about and experience the traditional beauty of Vietnamese Tet customs. In this project, they will gain a clear understanding of the significance and experience traditional folk games, wrapping Tet cakes, decorating the five-fruit tray,… We want the children to feel that atmosphere and help them understand the beauty of traditional customs amidst the busy life and conveniences of modern life, where people are gradually losing the charm of Tet, with its beautiful traditional customs. Therefore, creating opportunities for children to participate in Tet preparation and celebration activities is a way for them to feel and remember the values of traditional Tet customs.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Dam Le Thuy Tien

Early Years Teacher

The New Year of the Tiger is coming very close, blending in with the nationwide atmosphere of celebration for the Party and the Lunar New Year. To help the students understand the significance of wrapping banh tet on the traditional Tet holiday of the Vietnamese people, the KG students (Phu Nhuan) have participated in various experiential activities such as wrapping banh tet, playing folk games, singing and dancing to celebrate the spring, making clay figurines, taking Tet photos, etc. With the theme “Tet sum vay” (meaning “Tet in harmony”), it feels very close to the hearts of the students. Through these activities, the students gain confidence in communication, develop skills, become more courageous and confident in activities, and understand more about the traditional Tet of the Vietnamese people.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Ta Thi Anh Trinh

EAL Teacher

Which class is the most interesting for kids in Tesla? Phonics class! In phonics class, students not only learn about letters but also discover about sounds. Learning phonics will be not boring cause students will engage in some fun and amazing games/activities, learn some new songs and vocabularies. Let’s take a look back at some of the best moments of a daily Phonics class at Tesla school.


Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Nguyen Thi Minh Ha

PYP Coordinator

You may have heard the term “agency” before, but what does it mean in the context of the PYP? Agency is the ability and opportunity for students, teachers and the school community to make choices and take action in their learning. Agency is based on the belief that students are active participants in their own learning and can influence their learning environment and outcomes.

At Tesla Education, we value and promote agency, which is the ability and opportunity for students, teachers and the school community to make choices and take action in their learning and in many school events.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Tang Tuong Phuong Hoang

IB Teacher – KG Homeroom Teacher

During the Lunar New Year, every family typically cannot do without traditional dishes. “Bánh trôi nước” or “chè trôi nước” is one of the ancient traditional dishes of the Vietnamese people with significant meanings. Recently, the kindergarten class had an exciting hands-on experience making “chè trôi nước”. Through this activity, students gained a better understanding of the simple steps in preparing the dish, the basic ingredients needed to make “chè trôi nước”. They practiced the skillful manipulation of their hands, learned to divide and roll dough, and flatten it to encase the filling. In addition, students showed creativity in creating small dough balls with various shapes and sizes. Finally, enjoying the dish they made themselves also contributes to instilling more love and confidence in traditional food for the children.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Cô Bùi Thị Hồng Minh

IB Teacher – Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

To kick off the new learning theme “How we express ourselves”, Grade 1 students will embark on a journey to explore the distinctive features of cultures around the world by learning about the Lunar New Year. During the lesson, they will explore the customs and traditions of Vietnam, the traditional activities that take place during Tet, as well as the legend of the Twelve Zodiac Animals. This will help them develop understanding and pride in their cultural identity.

In particular, they will participate in preparing for an activity at the Tet Fair. They will instruct others on how to make red envelopes, an important tradition during Tet in Vietnam. Through this, they will not only experience the joy of sharing culture but also develop communication and instructional skills, while expanding their horizons by exploring various cultures worldwide. This fosters curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, which is crucial for their development in the future.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Nguyen Thi Diem Trinh

IB Teacher – Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher

During the days leading up to Tet, the atmosphere in the classroom seems livelier. Everyone is eagerly looking forward to the upcoming festive days in this cool weather. In Grade 2, the students have learned about the traditional customs of Vietnam and some Asian countries such as China, South Korea, and Japan. They have recognized one commonality among these countries during Tet, which is cleaning and decorating homes. Grade 2 students have practiced making peach blossom and apricot blossom trees to better understand the significance of Tet decorations, which not only beautify living spaces but also strengthen bonds with their family and friends.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Nguyen Hoang An Khanh

IB Teacher – EAL

In this engaging unit, Kindergarten students embarked on an exciting exploration of the world through the theme of travel. As part of their learning journey, the young learners created their own passports and delved into the intricacies of airport processes. Today’s collaborative class, featuring both Homeroom (HR) and English as an Additional Language (EAL) subjects, reached new heights as the students participated in a dynamic role-play scenario set at the airport. This hands-on experience not only deepened their understanding but also allowed them to apply their knowledge in a fun and interactive way, fostering a holistic approach to learning.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Nguyen Thi Thanh Sang

IB Teacher – Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher

With the theme “How we organize ourselves”, students are exploring the central idea: “Everyone has a role and responsibility in the community”. Students had an exciting field trip to Epsilon – Furniture House and Showroom. This trip was an opportunity for students to interview various professions to understand the roles and responsibilities of those professions in the community and society. Additionally, they will learn about the technical process of designing a furniture product. During the trip, students observed and drew conclusions about the positive and negative impacts of human activities on the surrounding environment, which is also part of the content they are researching.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Nguyen The Uyen

IB Teacher – Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher

Grade 4 students have collectively delved into the topic of “Where we are in place and time”. They actively engaged in learning activities to study the changes in Vietnam between the past and present regarding currency, transportation, tools, and more through learning platforms such as Britannica, Padlet, reference books in the library, and real-life images and artifacts at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum. Based on the information they researched, they worked together in groups to compare society in the past and present, as well as to explain the reasons behind these changes.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Doan Thị Huynh Hanh

IB Teacher – Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

Term 2 concludes with a summative assessment about how students present their messages to their future selves. This is a message addressed to the students themselves, presented in various forms. Although the content difficulty is not too high, it requires students to know how to present clearly and contain a lot of information in front of the class.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Following Term 3 is Unit 4 with the theme “How do we plan and organize our lives?” kicking off with a tuning in activity to explore key ideas and concepts about social issues. The transdisciplinary lesson between Ms. Hanh and Mr. Brandon helped students experience a variety of activities such as sharing ideas on jamboard, wonder wall, brainstorming, cootie catcher game, matching game, quizizz, etc. 

In addition, students also learned about solid geometry in the bilingual math lesson with Ms. Christina and Ms. Hanh. With their understanding of the characteristics, properties, and methods of calculating the area of cubes and rectangular prisms, students will know how to organize and plan for the development of a hypothetical city. This knowledge will also be applied in the final unit assessment test, which will be revealed at the end of this unit.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Christina Lawrence

IB Teacher – EAL

Grade 3 is learning about human migration and how it can change communities. They will learn about pull and push factors, and environmental factors. Students completed a formative presentation about animal migration, the reasons for migration and how human actions or practices might affect migration.

Grade 4 is learning about energy resources, which resources are used in Vietnam, and its environmental impact. They have also learned about renewable and nonrenewable resources, and the benefits and drawbacks of each resource. They completed a formative presentation on an energy resource.

Grade 5 is learning about non government organizations, as well as the technology and aid they provide for various social issues. For their summative product, they will learn about the issues surrounding fast fashion.

Students in all classes will have a mix of individual and group work, learn writing structures, and complete reflections on the weekly topic. All the summative products have a presentation component.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Mr Brandon Williams

IB Teacher – ATL

As we progress through the units of inquiry an important aspect of the learning process is to assess students in the approaches to Learning (ATL) skills. This involves a variety of methods such as observation, self-assessment, peer assessment, portfolio, and rubrics.

Observing students during activities to assess their application of ATL skills is usually done informally during class or formally during specific assessment tasks. The smaller classes at Tesla allow for more opportunity for observation of each student which inturn allows for clear and more immediate feedback for student improvement as well as for teachers to adjust and prepare activities to support the further development of the ATL skills or areas that need more attention.

Grade 3 students work collaboratively on an activity for the unit of Where We Are In Place and Time. Students were tasked to complete a guided mind map based on different habitats with what they could see, what they know, and what they could find through doing some research.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Le Minh Anh

IB Teacher – Science

Building Playgrounds, Learning Together

Imagine a playground created by children, for children! That is just what our grade 3 students accomplished with their “Playful Playground” project. Science, Engineering, UOI , and Art were all incorporated into this transdisciplinary theme to create an engaging and educational environment.

The question “How can we design a playground that is fun and safe for everyone?” served as the basis for the entire project. Students developed plans, generated ideas, and even constructed little models out of recyclable materials. They investigated the concepts of maps, and electricity while showcasing their enthusiasm. 

A field trip to Epsilon Furniture House and Showroom was the project’s high point. Here, students got to see the entire chair design process from idea to finished product. They gained knowledge of materials and the significance of satisfying user demands.

The students’ creativity and hard work are demonstrated by the climbing frames, slides, and swings, all of which were constructed with enjoyment and safety in mind. Building a playground wasn’t the only goal of this project; other learning objectives included teamwork, problem-solving, and knowledge application in a practical environment. The best part was seeing the happiness on their cheeks.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Mr Do Trung Hoc

IB Teacher – ICT

The virtual world always generates excitement during computer lab classes. In this module, students experience this magical world through designing 3D models. These 3D models are not only products of creativity but also evidence of students’ understanding of dinosaurs or marine ecosystem species. Let’s admire the wonderful creations of the PYP students.

– Minh Nghia – Grade 4 – Tropical forest: [Click here]

– Khánh Ly – Grade 5 – Ocean world: [Click here]

– Bảo Ly – Grade 5 – Polluted beach: [Click here]

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Nguyen Thi Quynh Dien

IB Teacher – Art

Grade 4 students have delved into the concepts of non-renewable and renewable energy, exploring their effects on the environment and communities. Demonstrating their comprehension, students expressed their insights through artwork portraying wind energy, hydraulic energy, and solar energy. Additionally, they conducted research to identify suitable locations in Vietnam for each renewable energy source. Students were given the freedom to employ any art medium they have learned for their final work.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Mr Do Su

IB Teacher – PE

In the physical education subject, alongside main sports like swimming, basketball, football, and badminton, supplementary exercises focusing on developing motor skills and height growth, as well as physical development, are always emphasized and incorporated into the practice for the students.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Le Quynh Ny

IB Teacher – Music

In this term, students can demonstrate how interests, knowledge, and skills relate to personal choices and intent when creating, performing, and responding to music through performances with bucket drumming, bucket drumming can be utilized for specific social and emotional goals. These are great opportunities for music teacher to collaborate to supplement music teaching and build social and emotional skills. In bucket drumming, students are doing more than hitting drums. It’s exciting to see players realize how much greater the power of listening and playing together is rather than trying to stand out by themselves. students who practice music the instrument was in a happy, interesting and excited state, It was fun to see them learn 3 new musical skills through bucket drumming. They learned new rhythms. They learned to improvise alone and with small groups. They learned to drum and sing at the same time, and the students demonstrated it through a very successful performance that was greatly enjoyed by everyone.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024


Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Angela Baker

MYP Coordinator

Dear Tesla MYP Community,

I hope this message finds you well! As term three of the academic year progresses, I am delighted to share some enriching updates on our teaching and learning initiatives within the Middle Years Program (MYP).

We are continually enhancing our curriculum to incorporate engaging activities that ignite curiosity and foster a love for learning among our students. From hands-on experiments in STEM to immersive experiences in the humanities and arts, our goal is to provide dynamic learning opportunities that captivate and inspire.

Inquiry also lies at the heart of our pedagogical approach. Encouraging students to ask questions, seek answers, and explore topics of interest fosters critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of the world around them. Through inquiry, students become active participants in their learning journey, driving their own exploration and discovery.

As we approach STEM Week (March 11 to 15), our commitment to STEM education remains steadfast as we integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics across the curriculum. Through projects and real-world applications, students engage in hands-on learning experiences that develop their problem-solving skills and prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

As we continue to refine and innovate our teaching and learning practices in preparation for MYP Authorization, I encourage you to stay engaged and involved in your child’s educational journey. Together, we can inspire a lifelong love for learning and empower our students to become compassionate, critical thinkers and global citizens. Please enjoy the contributions from the MYP staff and students in this Tesla Talk.

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to excellence in education at Tesla!

Warm regards.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Mr Gavin Kendal John Machell

IB Teacher – Science

Middle school students have been doing lots of experiments to learn about Science this semester. Here are some of the investigations that the students have completed:

– Taking latent fingerprints using superglue;

– Video analysis of falling objects;

– Measuring the acceleration of a ball down a ramp;

– Measuring the heating effect of electricity;

– Making exploding bubbles using acids and metals;

– Making Gummy Bears grow;

– Analysing pendulum motion;

– Investigating convective heat flow by making artificial weather;

– Electroplating metals;

– Observing Brownian motion through a microscope;

– Visualising and exploring magnetic fields;

– Seeing and drawing onion cells;

– Chromatographically separating ink.

In each case, students have used their experiments as a springboard to investigate the relevant implications of what they have found out to their own lives and in a global context so not only have they learned something about the scientific world, they have also gained some understanding of how science connects us all together.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Mr Milky Lloyd De Leon Santos

IB Teacher – Language Acquisition

In the recently concluded summative assessment last October 19, 2023 – Thursday afternoon, MYP 1,2, and 3 students participated in the MYP’s TedxYouth presentation. Wherein students presented their speeches based on their assigned topics that aligned with their unit requirements for term 1. Speakers presented great, well-formed ideas to highlight and present ideas to a wide range of audiences in under 4-7 minutes in front of all the MYP students, teachers, and staff.

The final scores were determined by combining students’ speaking presentations (8 pts.) and written scripts (8 pts) and then entered into ManageBac.

Through careful deliberation, the MYP Language Acquisition teacher was able to choose and determine the student of the month for October and the best speaker for each grade level.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Huynh Thuy Nguyen Mai

IB Teacher – Language and Literature

In Unit 3, Grade 6 students started reading the book Wonder (Điều kỳ diệu) written by R. J. Palacio after finding out information about the author and book on Britannica. Reading the book’s first chapter, “Normal”, they practiced finding the best sentence, phrase, and word in a chapter and trying to justify their choices. Kyle and Tom demonstrated their subtle choices by choosing the best part from their point of view. Tom chose one of the metaphors, Kyle chose the word “normal” and agreed that there are no “normal” people cause everyone is unique. Stephen and Michael were the best pair by both choosing the same word, “XBox”, which made them feel the character is really normal.

The subject of Grade 7 this term is Friends forever. They have just pointed out the reasons for tearing friends apart in a lively discussion in class.

Moreover, they acknowledged there is friendship between different people and objects. In the latter part of this week, Grade 7 students became acquainted with the Literature Circle for the first time. They found this activity really interesting. Before stepping into the book The Boy in Striped Pyjamas (John Boyne), they have been doing picture books. This time, Khang & Toai were the two leaders of two teams; they already knew how to divide roles among teammates.

With Unit 3, “Is it true that you are what you read?”, after finding out fun facts about the press and the purpose of articles, this week, Grade 8 students joined a discussion by analyzing quotes about the power of the press and parts of papers – what’s inside. Long, Hoang, and Harmony worked effectively together, and Harmony was a leader this time. Long and Hoang showed a more positive attitude this week and hoped that they would keep this pace for the rest of the school year.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Nguyen Thi Hoa Đao

IB Teacher – Math

Grade 6 students are working on a cool project called “The Beauty of Symmetry”. They’re spending lots of time together, working hard on their presentations, and they’re feeling pretty good about it all. These students are learning all about symmetry – you know, when things are the same on both sides, like a butterfly’s wings or a snowflake. They’re doing cool activities and talking about why symmetry matters in art, buildings, nature, math, and so on.

As they get closer to showing off what they’ve learned, they’re getting more and more excited. They can’t wait to share their discoveries with their classmates and teachers.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Nguyen Ngoc Duyen

IB Teacher – Art

To help students at Tesla understand the important role of visual art in our everyday lives, as well as its many interesting aspects, I have designed various lessons involving learning the history of art, engaging in school projects, and participating in competitions so they can see for themselves how visual art affects everything they normally do every day.Up until now, all MYP students have proceeded nicely and shown their potential in learning, creating, and solving problems creatively.

You have seen some of their amazing works in Mid Aumtumn festival with their lantern making competition, the paper dragon for Tet fair backdrop, and wonderful artworks for Silence Auction,… and so on.

I hope i will be able to continue working with all of Tesla students, and together we will make even more beautiful visual art works.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024
Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Mr Trinh Hai Duong

IB Teacher – Design

Tesla Education has helped students not to forget the past by utilizing memorials and monuments as practical lessons. These landmarks convey important messages, helping us learn from history to avoid repeating mistakes. This significance makes the 8th-grade field trip meaningful and memorable.

The purpose of this excursion extends beyond mere sightseeing; it also enables students to delve into the role of monuments in preserving historical memory, understand the unique features of different monuments, and take action by designing their own monuments as a final project.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Mr Nguyen Kieu Quoc Bao

IB Teacher – PE

This week, MYP students continue to enjoy exciting moments as they come together to hone their technique of hitting high and deep shots with their dominant hand in badminton. They are diligently perfecting each move and learning to create impressive shuttlecock strokes.

In swimming class, there is no shortage of excitement either. Students are taking part in the ‘locomotive’ game, a thrilling experience that strengthens their bonds with each other. They kick and paddle vigorously underwater, building both strength and balance, all while creating memorable moments in this sport.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

Ms Thach Thi Le Thu

IB Teacher – Librarian

Learner Companion

It would be extremely beneficial to a child’s education if adults prioritized reading at school and at home. To encourage children to read, teachers and parents can make it a regular habit by setting aside time for reading and providing access to books.

– Reading aloud to your child is a great way to foster a love of reading.

– Take your child to the library or bookshop. Allow them to browse the shelves and select the books they are interested in.

– Discuss what they are reading. Ask them questions about the book and explain what they’re reading.

Students who have had positive reading experiences are more likely to like reading and discover the significance of books.

Tesla Talk Term 1, 2024

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