Prestigious and high-quality international secondary school in HCMC

Prestigious and high-quality international secondary school in HCMC

Secondary school is a period of complex psychological development in each individual with many disturbances both physical and mental. In terms of education, choosing a good quality international secondary school in HCMC will give students opportunity for comprehensive development of both knowledge and personality later. 

Tesla Secondary Education 

TESLA is one of the best international secondary shools in HCMC in terms of education quality. Its teaching staff have sufficient professional knowledge and experience in the training of International Baccalaureate (IB) students. Teachers are not only the transmitters of knowledge and passion for learning but also know how to care for and understand the psychology of students.

Tesla Education facilitates the maximum development of students by promoting diversity, encouraging them to be creative, persistent and responsible for their own learning. The multilingual learning environment promotes awareness among students, helping them develop communication skills and thinking skills. 

The method of education at Tesla Secondary Education is a combination of “Eastern Values” and “Western Innovation” through the International Baccalaureate IB Programme. Tesla Education goal is to create opportunities for students to actively explore knowledge, encourage students to ask questions, provide personal opinions, analyze, reflect and solve problems. 

At Tesla Education, the integration of technology in education is very important, not only to enhance the learning experience for students but also to personalize their learning path and promote their agency. Technology contributes to improving teaching and learning methods, as well as making students aware of the importance of cultivating knowledge and skills in the context of modern society.

TESLA is one of the best International Secondary Schools in HCMC

TESLA is one of the best International Secondary Schools in HCMC

Objective of  Tesla Secondary Education 

Tesla aims to become a high-quality International Secondary School in HCMC. It is a place to cultivate a passion for inquiry and discovery in each student, developing them into responsible people, always trying to reach their full potential. By focusing on the fields of Science, Technology, Design and Language, Tesla Education equips students with the foundation of knowledge and skills to be confident in the international environment so they won’t hesitate to face the challenges, aiming to succeed in a constantly changing world. 

Tesla students develop knowledge and skills in Science - Technology

Tesla students develop knowledge and skills in Science – Technology

Tesla Middle Years Programme 

Tesla students attend the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). Bilingual education continues to be maintained with the majority of subjects taught in English, helping them best prepare for the IB Diploma Programme (DP) later with very high level of difficulty. Self-study thinking in students is maximally developed, along with research skills, communication skills and other important social skills. 

The MYP curriculum is focused on topics of a global context. All subjects are closely interconnected and revolve around those themes. In addition to improving their knowledge, students are also required to participate in community projects and undertake individual projects that reflect their entire learning process in the final year of the MYP.

Tesla Secondary students in the IB Middle Years Programme

Tesla Secondary students in the IB Middle Years Programme

Not only is there a serious investment in facilities, Tesla Secondary Education also maintains a close connection between the school and the family through reports, regular parent conferences, to monitor students’ learning and activities. Students are thoroughly assessed for learning outcomes, competencies, and progress so the school can make the right adjustments for each individual. The clear learning path provides solid development for students, creating peace of mind for parents and making TESLA one of the top quality International Secondary Schools in HCMC. 

Tesla Education provides an educational environment that meets international standards, while ensuring students have a linguistic and cultural background of their home country. Getting started at Tesla Education, students will be equipped with extensive knowledge and memorable learning experiences.

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