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What is 21st century learning & integrated curriculum? Why is it the best?

Tesla Education 16 Aug, 2021 10:35 am

A 21st century education is one that responds to the economical, technological and societal shifts that are happening at an every increasing pace.  It’s an education that sets children up to succeed in a world where more than half of the jobs they will have over their careers don’t even exist as yet.

Tesla responds to this required to provide an Integrated Instructional Curriculum at Tesla and applies three very important principles to all lesson planning and lesson building for students at Tesla.

The Integrated Curriculum helps students learn at Tesla School based on the following three principles:

1. Age-appropriate

As students grow, their skills and knowledge increases. The Tesla school’s curriculum and approach to teaching and learning allows them to maximize their own innate potential.

For example, students need to grasp the concept of the value of numbers before they can solve basic problems. We often have the misconception that mathematical ability focuses on solving math problems. But without a solid foundation in the use of numbers, students will not be able to apply what they have learned in Math, and other subjects. This concept is important in the school’s integrated Curriculum.

Relevant reality

The school understands that learning for young children is better understood when concept and evidence-based. Older students can understand and apply the theory more easily because they now have a better understanding of the world around them. The school’s interdisciplinary curriculum moves towards understanding the environment the students live in, including Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the language and the people students interact with each day.

3. Actively participate in learning

We can learn and remember better when we have actively and deeply inquired into the information. Acquiring knowledge through a concept only takes place if the school can build lessons and learning activities that students can then apply in practice. For example, children may know what a litre or a kilogram is, however, when they can see, feel and use examples of measurement of objects, they can understand it more fully.

The Integrated Instructional Curriculum developed at Tesla Education is always carefully considered to apply the above three principles to lesson planning and lesson building for students at Tesla.

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