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How do Tesla students learn the bilingual program?

Tesla Education 28 Jul, 2021 2:34 pm

There are two languages of instruction at Tesla Education, Vietnamese and English. Students with a native tongue different from these two languages will not receive dedicated support to continue development of their first language as part of the normal curricular program.

Language Development at Tesla School 


Vietnamese as a native language is offered to all students for whom this is appropriate from at every level of the Tesla educational experience.  The curriculum, taught by native Vietnamese speakers, is consistent with the learning outcomes provided by National Curriculum and is enhanced with the principles of language development provided within the IB curriculum framework.


Tesla provided an integrated language development program. Throughout the primary years students are exposed to a bilingual environment in core classes such as math and science that are taught in both Vietnamese and English. In addition, specialist classes such as technology, art, and the PYP Units of Inquiry are taught in English.  As students transition to the MYP program all Core classes are taught in English as is the entire IB Diploma program.

học song ngữ trường Tesla
Tesla Primary students are exposed to a bilingual environment

Language Acquisition 

Vietnamese (For students with a native tongue other than Vietnamese)

Starting in the Early Years (EYs), all students are exposed to Vietnamese language and culture within the context of an inquiry-driven, play-based, PYP early years programme. At this level the focus is on cultural identity, learning about language as a form of communication, and learning through the language of Vietnamese with their homeroom teachers.

Throughout Primary School (K – 5) Vietnamese is the primary language of instruction utilized for the National Curriculum (NC). The goals are to develop an appreciation and understanding of the host culture, and acquire Vietnamese as a language of communication. Non-Vietnamese students will experience an immersion model in the humanities subjects (Language, Social Studies) and a bilingual model in the other NC core subjects (Math, Science, Art, and Technology).

Throughout MYP, students not enrolled in a native level Vietnames language class are required to take Vietnamese as an Additional Language (VAL) in all grades 6 – 10 in order to meet the IB language acquisition requirements.

học song ngữ trường Tesla
Homeroom teachers help Tesla Early Years students develop well Vietnamese


In order to provide our students with the best opportunities for success in the international community, Tesla Education strives to develop English language capacity to near-native level. In a community with such a diverse language profile, English is an additional language for the vast majority of the students and the basis for our integrated language acquisition philosophy. Language acquisition is the responsibility of the entire Tesla community and all staff, students, and parents are encouraged to utilize English as the shared language for communication and collaboration across all campus activities and events.

học song ngữ trường Tesla
Tesla Education strives to develop English language capacity of students to near-native level

Key features of the research-based English as an Additional Language (EAL) program include 

1. Collection, organization, analyzation, and dissemination of relevant student information to monitor progress and target individual student needs.

2. Integrated instructional approach in the Primary years (K – 5):

A bilingual model in core subjects (Math/Science) provides the means for students to experience the same learning outcomes in both Vietnamese and English to enhance their contextual understanding of the concepts;

– Specialist classes (Art, Technology, UOI) provide English instruction utilizing a translanguaging approach that allows students to acquire conceptual understanding through communication in their native tongue if needed, but requires them to demonstrate understanding in English;

– Co-teaching between content teachers and EAL specialists as a means of promoting the translanguaging approach. Traditionally known as a push-in model;

– Dedicated EAL classes, or pull-out model, focused on developing the fundamental reading, writing, and listening skills necessary for success across all content areas.

học song ngữ trường Tesla
A bilingual model of Tesla enhances student’s contextual understanding of the concepts

3. In the MYP (G6 – 10):

– English (Language B) is a scheduled course within the curriculum;

– Language acquisition specialist teachers provide support through both the push-in and pull-out models as the individual needs are identified through internal and external assessment as well as teacher observation.

4. The IBDP is a rigorous 2 year programme of studies Grade 11 & 12. The IBDP is an English-only instruction platform aside from the acquisition of an additional language. All students attempting to achieve the internationally recognized IB Diploma are expected to be able to communicate effectively in English without support. 

Languages other than Vietnamese and English

The school currently does not offer languages other than Vietnamese and English as scheduled courses. At the IBDP level, students can petition to self-study Vietnamese that is their Language A requirement.

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