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4C skills set – Important vital soft skills for students

Tesla Education 23 Jun, 2021 3:54 pm

According to the World Economic Forum, the 21st century skill sets in general and the 4Cs in particular are extremely important qualities that students need to be equipped with in the modern context. The 4C learning skills include: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is the process of evaluating available information, considering many aspects of an issue in order to clarify and confirm its accuracy. Critical thinking helps students have a comprehensive view, be careful and opinionated on all issues in life. From there, they will develop the ability to think, act wisely and make the right decisions.

In fact, the traditional method of education in Vietnam has not yet focused on developing critical thinking. In modern education, this is an important skill that parents focus on cultivating for their children from a young age. It is this skill that helps foreign students boldly speak up in the classroom, actively ask questions and find answers to the question “why”.

4C skills set - Important vital soft skills for students

Students boldly speak up and find answers to the question “Why”


Every human being has unlimited creative potential. In the context of a rapidly changing world, creative skills are considered essential to provide flexible and optimal problem solving. Therefore, encouraging students to develop their creativity from an early age will give them a great advantage in the new global context.


As a basic human activity to exchange information through verbal (speech, writing) and non-verbal (gestures, expressions) systems, communication plays an important role in the formation of psychology in young children and development of emotional and social skills.

Good communication skills not only help children listen and understand, but also give them the ability to express thoughts and feelings confidently and effectively. In order to work well in modern society, students always need to practice their communication skills.

4C skills set - Important vital soft skills for students

Good communication skills help students express themselves confidently and effectively


Collaboration and teamwork are extremely important skills as children mature and enter the job market. Good collaboration skills help children integrate better with people, promote a higher quality of work and develop themselves as more open and well rounded people.

Students need to be equipped with these skills from an early age through academic collaboration, teamwork, cooperation with teachers and friends, as well as family members to work towards the best common results. From there, children will gain valuable experiences from reality, have the opportunity to learn from better people and compare to understand their own strengths and weaknesses.

Learning is a very long journey and it is also an opportunity for students to hone the necessary skills and confidently step into a new life in the future. In order to acquire the 4C skill set for global citizens of the 21st century, students need support not only from a progressive education but also from the teachers themselves and the companionship from their parents to enter their ever changing world.

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