Tesla English Class – Enjoyable english lessons with vivid photos

Tesla Education 12 Aug, 2020 4:40 am

In the English lesson of Teacher Carlos, the students from Potato class did have a lot of fun as well as enthusiasm for learning thanks to flexible content and the practice of “Play Hard Work Hard” spirit.

Today’s topic for vocabulary is about daily life objects

  • Students learn English words through the sound of objects such as watch, car, bell, etc.
  • Students learn calculation by the Dice game, getting the payment and returning the change for customers. We also teach students English sentences to communicate with the customers including greetings, introducing products, etc.

– After the English – Mathematics lesson with vivid photos, students can naturally acquire new knowledge and language without any pressure.
– Increase the ability of thinking and practicing, which helps students to memorize words more easily.
– Quick learning – long-lasting memory; fluency in writing, pronunciation, and context; high efficiency in using English.
– Comfortably and confidently communicate with other people including foreigners

At Tesla, preschool students have approached our vocabulary learning method which uses a lot of vivid and colorful photos. Moreover, we have carefully selected a wide range of topics that are familiar with students’ daily life.

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