Tesla Talk Week December 18th 2020
Tesla Talk

Tesla Talk Week December 18th 2020

Tesla Education 18 Dec, 2020 9:00 am
Tesla Talk Week December 18th 2020
Robin Klymow
Giám đốc Học thuật


Dear Parents and Guardians,

This is a thank you letter rather than a new letter this week as we close the first Semester. So many people have said that 2020 has been challenging, strange, hard, dangerous, tragic and many more negative words.

I think some of those words are true. As adults we do worry and stress, but in reality when you see children at school then you see how resilient and strong they are. This year my go down in history as a significant one, but I think many children just got on with working and playing.

We were fortunate that the early lockdowns and the vigilance and tracking by the authorities in Vietnam meant we could return to school. For that we should all be thankful.

Have a good Christmas and hopefully a positive 2021.

Thank you,

Robin Klymow
Director of Studies

Tesla Talk Week December 18th 2020
Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Dien

MYP Coordinator

Grade 1 Project: By the end of semester 1, Grade 1 students have learned how to draw insects and have continued creating mixed media paintings using acrylic and oil pastels. They watched videos of bees in their hive and how they make honey. Students learned about the many kinds of bees and their roles in their community. Grade 1 students studied the shapes and colours of bees and then used their knowledge to create realistic drawings and paintings. They worked very hard but were happy to see their nice work at the end of the project. Well done, Grade 1 students!

Tesla Talk Week December 18th 2020
Ms. Nguyen Ha Huyen Kim

PYP Coordinator

This week, students in Grade 4 EAL class were enjoying vocabulary and sentence structure games to learn how to describe a character. We used fly swatters to identify descriptive vocabularies and worked in groups to give oral detailed descriptions of our scary monster. We also practiced a written description. These fun-filled activities enabled us to be active learners and helped us to develop social and communication skills effectively. We learned to lead a game, play fair, share responsibilities, take different roles in the group and trust each other in preparing and presenting our talk.
Tesla Talk Week December 18th 2020
Mr. Carlos Boyano

Primary ICT Teacher

Artificial Intelligence Exhibition

The photos are from the Artificial Intelligence exhibition from the last term. For grades 1 and 2, we ran a contest where students divided by teams play a quiz about the content learned throughout the term. For Grades 3 and 4, we ran a contest about building and programming robots. There were two winners for each part of the exhibition and they were awarded as the Winners of the First AI Exhibition.

Students had great fun during the exhibition, they play competitively as they usually do recapping on the knowledge they learned throughout the term. We will run more events like this where students enhance subject knowledge, having great fun, and work within a team.

Highlights of Tan Binh Campus

Conclusion of The Project ” Sai Gon Adventure”

After 8 weeks of study with the theme “Saigon Adventure”, the children had a very interesting time learning with knowledge about culture. Through the teacher’s guidance, children learned more about Saigon cuisine and old costumes. In particular, the childrens also have the opportunity to explore the city through extracurricular classes. They will love their city more and gradually learn how to respect and preserve the national culture.

Exchange with the Special High School Nguyen Dinh Chieu

Learning with practice and learning from real situations is the educational direction of the school. It is impossible to educate students about sharing and understanding with difficult situations just by words. Tesla Primary School students had an exchange with students Nguyen Hoang Anh (grade 2) and Luu Doan Thanh Binh (grade 4) of the Special High School Nguyen Dinh Chieu (District 10, Ho Chi Minh City). During the meeting, Tesla students understood more about the difficulties and efforts that the deaf students have been going through.

Highlights of Phu Nhuan Campus

Tesla Christmas Festival – Theme “Snow Town”

The Tesla childrens at Phu Nhuan Campus had a very happy and warm Christmas. Everyone came to school in traditional Christmas red costumes. The festival became more exciting with their singing and dancing performances. And the children were extremely happy when Santa Claus appeared with a huge gift bag. The festival not only helps children to be more confident, knows how to share, but also to love going to school more.


The transition from Fall to Winter brings many things, however, the day-to-day change in the environment including the temperature, the humidity, etc… can make you and your child feel under the weather and more vulnerable to viruses. To prevent this, here are some suggestions to keep you healthy and safe during this season:

1. Keep your body warm.
2. Avoid getting in contact with sick people and avoid crowded area.
3. Eat nutritious meals.
4. Update your child’s immunization records regularly and are vaccinated for diseases such as measles, rebella, whooping cough…
5. Practice good personal hygiene and wash hands regularly.
6. Visit nearby hospitals or clinics immediately when you are feeling unwell.

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