The best school: Tesla International Primary School in Ho Chi Minh City

The best school: Tesla International Primary School in Ho Chi Minh City

It’s not by chance that many parents aspire for their children to attend international schools. The process of selecting the most suitable international school for their child, starting from the elementary level, demands a considerable amount of time and effort from parents. Choosing the right international Primary school not only helps provide a solid academic foundation and strong skills for the child but also opens up a broad future with an internationally valid Baccalaureate degree, facilitating easy entry into universities worldwide. 

Is studying at an international school and the IB programme good?

Parents can consider some of the advantages below to understand why nowadays parents tend to choose international schools in Vietnam for their children’s education and development: 

– International qualifications: The curriculum at international schools often comes from countries with modern education systems and is accredited by reputable educational organizations, so parents can rest assured about the quality of teaching. The qualifications students receive will be recognized worldwide – such as the IB diploma – facilitating easy transitions between educational levels in different countries and making studying abroad more convenient. 

– Modern and open learning environment: This environment allows students to freely express themselves, pursue their passions, and develop their talents. This helps international school students become dynamic, confident, independent, and unafraid of challenges, especially those following the IB programme. 

– Practical and flexible teaching methods: These methods focus on holistic development, placing students at the center of learning and experience. Students not only delve into knowledge but also develop important 21st-century skills. Therefore, international school students often have sharp thinking, know how to argue, and demonstrate their own value. 

– A strong foundation in foreign languages is the basis for students to excel in learning and working in multicultural environments, increasing their chances of admission to prestigious universities worldwide, especially in the United States and Europe – where the IB diploma is highly regarded. 

In addition to the core curriculum, students also enjoy many practical activities to promote both physical and mental development, such as after-school clubs, extracurricular activities, community service projects, etc. Students learn in a relaxed, positive atmosphere, enhancing their ability to absorb, retain, and create knowledge. That is also the reason why the IB Diploma programme focuses on students’ learning experiences.

– Modern and well-equipped facilities are provided to meet the needs of students’ learning, training, exploration, and experiences. IB schools are required to provide adequate facilities for students’ IB programme learning experiences. 

The laboratories at Tesla International Primary School meet the standards of the IB Diploma programme

The laboratories at Tesla International Primary School meet the standards of the IB Diploma programme

Considerations when sending your child to an international school

– Family orientation: Parents need to clearly define their educational goals for their child and the long-term learning path to see the direction from the outset. If the goal does not align with the school’s curriculum, the outcomes may not meet parents’ expectations. 

– Child’s aspirations: Not every child is ready for a new educational program, or their abilities may not be sufficient to meet its demands. Taking the time to observe, listen, and assess to choose the most suitable school for the child will help them maximize their potential.

– Financial capability of the family: Tuition fees at international schools vary depending on factors such as the curriculum (e.g., IB, Cambridge, AP), facilities, etc. Therefore, finances are always an important factor for parents to consider to ensure a stable and long-term learning process for their children. Once parents have decided on an international school for their child, they should have a clear and long-term financial plan to ensure the quality of their child’s education is maintained.

Students study the IB programme at Tesla International Primary School

Students study the IB programme at Tesla International Primary School

What does a child gain from studying the IB programme at Tesla International Primary School? 

Among the international schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Tesla Education is highly regarded by parents who have their children enrolled here. Tesla is also a pioneer with the Integrated International Baccalaureate IB programme and proudly belongs to the list of 21 recognized IB World Schools in Vietnam. Becoming a Tesla student means that children:

1. Expand global learning choices: The learning experience at all IB schools worldwide is equivalent. Therefore, students can easily transition and continue the IB programme in any country. By studying the Integrated International Baccalaureate programme at Tesla, students will receive a globally recognized Baccalaureate diploma, enhancing their application profile for top universities worldwide. Alongside the quality international education from the IB programme, students still preserve and develop their Vietnamese language and culture. 

2. Develop lifelong learning and the 10 attributes of the IB Learner Profile: Focused on learning experiences, students are encouraged to become lifelong learners and continuously develop themselves. The Approaches to Learning (ATL skills) in the IB programme help students maximize critical thinking, agency, and creativity, paving the way for success in learning and working in an international environment.

Tesla International Primary School teaches the Integrated International Baccalaureate IB programme

Tesla International Primary School teaches the Integrated International Baccalaureate IB programme

3. Opportunities for students to express academic learning in both languages, preserving and developing cultural identity. Students possess globally recognized Baccalaureate and take pride in their roots.

4. Most cost-effective tuition among IB schools in Ho Chi Minh City: With the Integrated International Baccalaureate programme, Tesla has the opportunity to provide the most reasonable tuition fees among IB schools in Ho Chi Minh City. The carefully selected team of teachers, both local and international, holds high professional qualifications, rich experience in teaching the IB programme, and understands the psychology of students at each age level to effectively accompany and support them on their learning journey.

Alongside the increasingly enhanced and robust quality of the IB education, Tesla Education continues to invest in and expand its facilities to meet teaching and learning needs, providing diverse learning experiences for students. From laboratory systems, AI – Robotics rooms, IT classrooms to indoor multipurpose sports arenas, outdoor swimming pools, artificial turf football fields, etc., all are modernly built and ensure safety. Especially, at the Learning Resources Center, students can explore over 5,000 books in both Vietnamese and English.

Communication and connection between the School and families are also continuously maintained through learning software such as ManageBac, SeeSaw, and regular parent meetings. All aim towards the common goal of guiding and supporting students’ IB learning process.

Choosing Tesla Education, parents can completely trust in the mission of educating students not only with solid knowledge but also with comprehensive development, balance in physical and skills. Investing in education for children is a long-term investment, and the “sweet fruit” in the future is the students with profound knowledge from the IB programme and solid capabilities. To learn more about Tesla Education’s activities, parents can schedule a school tour or contact the Admissions Office via the methods below for thorough guidance.  

– Hotline: 098 494 8080 

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