Secrets to choosing an international school in Ho Chi Minh City: Key factors to know

Secrets to choosing an international school in Ho Chi Minh City: Key factors to know

The diversity of educational models and international education programs often leaves many parents confused and struggling to make decisions. Each international school in Ho Chi Minh City will have different characteristics and developmental orientations for students. IB – International Baccalaureate, Cambridge, AP, etc., are popular international education programs taught in many countries, including Vietnam. Here are three factors to consider when choosing an international school in Ho Chi Minh City for your child:

1. Educational orientation and family goals

When determining an international school for your child, family goals often revolve around preparing them for studying abroad or settling in another country in the future, or ensuring they are equipped with adequate language skills, get a Baccalaureate diploma, and have access to modern education while still maintaining Vietnamese cultural roots, especially family ties. 

For parents aiming for their child to study abroad or settle overseas, it’s important to consider whether the school’s qualifications align with their child’s future study plans. For those aiming for their child to enjoy quality international education while preserving Vietnamese identity, parents should choose an international school that offers bilingual or integrated programs. In these programs, students will possess dual diplomas (Vietnamese high school diploma and international diploma). In addtion, parents should select a widely recognized training program with globally recognized credentials – such as the IB diploma – to ensure their child can study anywhere in the world in the future.

The IB program offers a globally recognized Baccalaureate diploma

The IB program offers a globally recognized Baccalaureate diploma

2. Suitable for the age and abilities of the child

Parents have different expectations for their child’s development at each age,. However, in general, an educational environment and teaching methods that help children develop comprehensively in terms of knowledge, physical fitness, and mentality are paramount. Particularly, language proficiency is a concern for parents, along with soft skills and qualifications. Besides the curriculum, extracurricular activities, community activities, and school support will help students orient their careers, explore potentials, and enhance their university application portfolios. In international education programs such as the IB program, community service activities (CAS) are considered a mandatory core part that students must complete.

3. Suitability for the family’s financial capacity

To ensure the smooth and long-term educational journey at an international school for the child, parents need to consider the family’s financial capacity. This not only helps parents feel at ease but also enables the child to actively choose a suitable educational path to maximize their abilities and passions. Therefore, parents need to carefully research tuition fees, transferability, and qualifications to ensure that their child can easily transition from one pathway to another or study in another country. If enrolled in the IB program, students can study at any IB school worldwide because the experience at IB schools is equivalent, and the IB diploma is globally recognized.

Parents should consider financial capability before enrolling their child in an international school

Parents should consider financial capability before enrolling their child in an international school

4 reasons to choose Tesla Education – IB World School for your child

In an increasingly globalized world, selecting an international school in Ho Chi Minh City ensures not only a quality learning environment but also opens doors to global knowledge and skills. Among the international schools in Ho Chi Minh City teaching IB program, Tesla Education stands out, and here are four reasons to choose Tesla Education for your child:

1. Expand global learning opportunities: The learning experience at IB schools worldwide is equivalent. Therefore, students can easily transition and continue their IB learning journey in any country without needing to adapt or face discrepancies in credential values. With the globally recognized IB diploma, students also have more opportunities to choose to continue their education at domestic universities or study abroad.

2. Develop lifelong learning: The IB program at Tesla emphasizes students’ learning experiences. Through each learning activity, exploration, and real-world experience, students are nurtured to cultivate a lifelong passion for learning and continuous self-development.

3. Opportunities for bilingual proficiency, preserving and developing Vietnamese cultural identity: The Integrated IB program implemented at Tesla Education is a clever and unique combination of the IB framework and the National Curriculum. The school’s goal is to commit to international education quality with the prestigious IB diploma as the outcome while preserving Vietnamese culture in its students.

4. Most cost-efficient tuition fees among IB schools in Ho Chi Minh City: With the Integrated IB program, Tesla has the opportunity to offer the most reasonable tuition fees among IB schools in Ho Chi Minh City. The advantage of the curriculum and moderate tuition fees is a significant benefit, making Tesla a worthy choice for Vietnamese families’ financial capabilities. This is also Tesla’s direction to provide more access to the IB program for Vietnamese students.

What do parents say about Tesla Education?

Based on real experiences, parents have shared their reasons for choosing Tesla Education for their children, as well as the impressions and academic achievements their children have attained in the IB program. Let’s listen to these meaningful shares to better understand Tesla Education’s educational mission and how it has developed students’ learning abilities!

Mr. David Mark Watson said: “I think my children are so far ahead of what is required in today’s community by this really good grounding and problem based and all the things that Tesla has taught them about communication, ICT, Math, the programming and everything. It’s a really good basic not only for jumping out of primary school, and going into the secondary school or high school, but it’s also a really good foundation building block for going the next step into University and beyond”.

Mrs. Tran Thi Truc Linh shared: “The teachers inspire my child, guiding them to explore and learn independently, encouraging them to read books on their own. To address the topics the teachers present, the children have to engage in discussions. I like this approach because it helps my child learn independently and understand what they are doing. I feel very satisfied and reassured by the guidance of the teachers”.

Above are the 3 factors that parents should consider when choosing an international school and 4 reasons to choose Tesla Education with IB program for their children. Choosing an international school in Ho Chi Minh City is an important decision, and considering these factors will help parents make the right decision and bring long-term benefits to their children. To learn more about the curriculum or enrollment offers, tuition fees, and any questions, parents can contact Tesla Education via the Hotline 098 494 8080.

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