The Best International Middle School in HCMC

The Best International Middle School in HCMC

Choosing a school for your child is also the demonstration of the family’s educational orientation. As a parent, everyone wants their child to learn and develop in the best environment. As a result, international schools are expected to provide students with the academic knowledge and skills needed in the 21st century. However, many parents still have many questions about choosing the best international middle school in HCMC. 

What are the criteria for choosing international middle schools that are most suitable for children and families? 

Learn about the school and its education programs and IB Program

The curriculum of an International Middle School will allow parents and children to see a long-term educational path. Thereby, parents have the basis to choose schools suitable to their children’s capacities, interests and personality. In particular, for international schools, internationally recognized degrees will give them a lot of advantages when transferring to higher education or studying in many other countries. 

Learning environment

At middle school age, students will display complex physiological changes, so it is important to choose the right educational environment for them. Students mature from a healthy environment are not only good at academic knowledge but also at perfecting personality. 

Best International Middle School in HCMC

International Middle School is the choice of many parents for their children

Orientation after finishing middle school

After middle school, what do students need to prepare to move on to high school education? Parents should consider schools with clear learning pathways and goals when choosing the best middle school for their children, especially schools focusing on developing knowledge and skills for students in Science, Technology, Language and Culture so that they are confident when integrating internationally. 


Schools that focus on investing in facilities, teaching and learning equipment will best support students to explore and create. Modern facilities also contribute to a safe learning environment for children, especially in matters related to hygiene, nutrition and health. 

Quality of teachers 

The quality of academic leaders and teachers can be seen as a core factor determining the quality of training at an International Middle School. In addition to the professional level, teachers need to be conscientious in teaching and understanding students’ psychology to have the right support and adjustment for them.

Best International Middle School in HCMC

Teachers have an important role in the education quality of an International Middle School

Where to find out the information on choosing the best International Middle School? 

In the age of technology, it is not difficult for parents to find information in the media. The international middle schools have built a system of communication channels for themselves such as website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,… These are places where the school publicly updates all teaching and learning activities for parents to follow. In addition, parents can consult with parents who are sending their children to school to get the most realistic view. 

A visit to the school to directly observe the facilities and learning activities of the students and receive detailed consultation from the school will be an opportunity for parents to have the most intuitive view. Parents can also give their children a try at school-organized activities to listen to their child’s feelings. The most important thing for every child at any age is to be interested in going to school.. The partnership between the school, the family and the students will provide the right choice of International Middle School. 

Best International Middle School in HCMC

Parents visit the school to have a realistic view

Middle school program at Tesla Education 

Tesla middle school students attend the Integrated IB Middle Years Programme from Grade 6 to Grade 10. This is an important stage in their personal and intellectual development. The curriculum is based on an in-depth research and learning approach that has been developed for students at the Primary level (PYP). The goal of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) is to motivate students to develop their personal understanding, sense of self, and responsibility to the community. 

Tesla Education integrates the content of the International Baccalaureate with the learning outcomes of the National Currciulum. Therefore, students not only enjoy knowledge from modern education but it also ensures national cultural and linguistic backgrounds on their road to international integration.

Best International Middle School in HCMC

Tesla Middle School students study the Integrated International Baccalaureate program

TESLA – The international school that offers opportunities for students to develop to their full potential. With a personalized learning pathway, students take ownership in all learning activities to achieve a high degree of independence. With an active, student-centered teaching approach, Tesla Education provides opportunities for students to develop holistically and in a balanced manner. Hopefully, with the above sharing, parents will have more basis when choosing the best International Middle School in Ho Chi Minh City for their children. 

Parents can learn more about Tesla Education by contacting us:  

Tesla Education 

  • Address: 171B Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 13, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City (Gate on C3 Street)
  • Hotline: 098 494 8080 – 098 994 8080
  • Website:
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  • Fanpage: Teslaedugroup 
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