“Freedom of creativity” – The final theme at Tesla Summer Camp

Tesla Education 10 Aug, 2022 2:05 pm

Moving on to the theme “Freedom of creativity”, Primary students have been fully engaged with the last two weeks of the Tesla Summer Camp. With the goal of supporting students’ comprehensive development through healthy recreational activities, the summer course at Tesla Education gives them many opportunities to promote their talents and light up their passions. 

“Freedom of creativity” - The final theme at Tesla Summer Camp

Get creative with Tesla Summer Camp  

A special feature of the theme “Freedom of creativity” is that the students can make their own works of art from many different materials. With clay, for example, students demonstrated their dexterity and limitless imagination while creating models of castles and building their own lands. Or from used materials, unique aircraft models were born, giving wings to children’s dreams and creativity as well as developing multi-dimensional thinking. Each of them can therefore be proud of their own personal works. 

Creating art with clay

Airplane model design

The last week at Tesla Summer Camp for Primary students ended with a field trip to show off their carpentry skills and have fun with outdoor activities. The children conquered the series of movement games and participated in the carpentry workshop with many new experiences. Students challenged their hand dexterity, patience, and thinking ability using wooden materials. In addition to relaxation, they also understood the human responsibility when using natural resources.

Complete challenges in outdoor movement games

Students show off their ingenuity when transforming into carpenters

Tesla students’ summer exploration journey

At Tesla, the school encourages children to “brainstorm” and solve problems on their own, so that they themselves will find joy in learning. The Tesla Summer Camp program is designed to suit the developmental and psychological needs of Primary students, inspiring them to explore, develop thinking capacity, experience, and knowledge self-mastery in many fields. Through learning activities, group work, and field trips, students also improve their ability to communicate and cooperate with friends. 

Impressions at Tesla Summer Camp

During the summer adventure, Tesla students had fun with lots of new knowledge, experienced exciting activities in an international learning environment, and had fascinating field trips. The end of a meaningful summer is also the time when students’ luggage is packed with happiness, knowledge, and new skills. It is not only a gift that Parents and Tesla Education give to the children but also a source of energy for them to be ready for the upcoming school year.


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