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Benefits of the IB for students and five steps to prepare your child for university

Tesla Education 9 Sep, 2021 10:38 am

All parents want their children to become successful, independent, and responsible citizens when they grow up. Creativity, adaptability, and social skills are essential factors for their careers as technology has developed and impacted almost every industry. But how to support your child to study, develop skills, and be ready for university and future life?

The differences between high school and university

Unlike high school, at university, students have to be responsible for their learning. The university does not encourage rote learning. Students are required to understand theories and know-how to apply them in practice. The university environment requires students to be deeply aware of their academic responsibilities, which directly determine their final results and achievements without reminders, criticism, or punishment.

With the focus on self-study, students need to be prepared for university at an early age to know how to do their research and self-manage personal projects. These skills promotes students’ self-development and self-management skills. These are essential factors that need to be built from an early age.

Dr.Poole-Johnson – Director & Chief Academic Officer Windsor – Essex Education & Development company & Lecturer Of Business Communications Western Sydney University Vietnam giving advice: “Students are expected to ask questions and to take an interest, and to present and put forward their own ideas on subjects even if their ideas are different to those of the tutor or lecturer. Students are encouraged to learn to think for themselves and not to just accept everything that is given to them”.

Dr.Poole-Johnson – Director & Chief Academic Officer Windsor – Essex Education & Development company & Lecturer Of Business Communications Western Sydney University Vietnam

5 steps to prepare your child for university and future life

1. Choose the Best Education Program for your child early

The curriculum is one of the necessary factors that determine the long-term development of the children’s future. A progressive educational program and a good learning environment are what parents always care about so that their children can develop both academic foundation and essential skills in the 21st century. International Baccalaureate can be seen as an excellent university preparation for global citizens with a focus on comprehensive and rigorous education and is recognized by many prestigious universities around the world.

Benefits of the IB for students

IB students develop strong academic, social, and emotional characteristics. They are also likely to perform well academically – often better than students on the national curriculum. Many studies have shown the benefits of the IB Program, which are:

  • Universities tend to admit IB students at a higher rate than their non-IB counterparts.
  • Students are taught and learned in an interdisciplinary approach.
  • Become lifelong, knowledgeable learners.
  • Open-minded, and principled.

Research also shows that, regardless of an IB student’s background or socio-economic status, they do exceptionally well at university and in most cases. The intensity of IB is one of the factors which makes it appear ‘difficult’. Students, to a large extent, have to perform as all-rounders. IB ensures that student’s education is not only limited to their classrooms with the help of CAS (Community, Action, Service), Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge.

Admissions departments at Universities also understand that IB students who graduate from this challenging academic program are equipped with the necessary skills to flourish at university and life beyond.

chuẩn bị hành trang vào đại học trường tesla
IB students who graduate from the challenging academic program

2. Plan a learning pathway for your child early

With outstanding benefits in developing thinking and social skills, early education is important in today’s society. Planning a long-term education is an opportunity for students to get an early start in building an academic record as well as having time to participate in community activities Sandy Lee – King’s College, London (UK) student with IB experience before going to university proudly shared how she acquired “leadership, communication, and organizational skills that helped with the application process going to college to be different and stand out.

Ms. Sandy Lee tells us of her transition from a country curriculum to the IB

3. Listen to your child’s opinion

Leading up to university applications, it is recommended that parents spend time to talk with their children to understand their passions and hopes for outcomes.  In doing this, it enables children to have parent support to choose pathways that compliment their interests and to them achieving success whether choosing to study locally or abroad.

4. Calculate and balance the family budget

Vietnamese parents tend to invest more in education and focus on preparing their children for university. Many families consider sending their children to study abroad and join an international educational environment. Ensuring early financial planning as well as considering an education program such as IB, that may support scholarships internationally will serve the family and their child well.

5. Praise your child efforts and achievements 

Finally, no matter what path children choose in the future, parents need to respect the achievements and efforts of their children. Doing well in school and getting into a prestigious university is not all you have to achieve.  The focus on creativity, emotional intelligence, social connection skills, and flexible adaptation in today’s ever-changing world is also a necessary factor.

With the benefits of the IB program and 5 steps to prepare your child for university and future life, Tesla School hopes that you have found the right direction for your child’s learning pathway.

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