Tesla Talk Week November 20th 2020
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Tesla Talk Week November 20th 2020

Tesla Education 20 Nov, 2020 9:51 am

Dear Parents and Guardians,

What is an IB education? As Tesla moves to implement the International Baccalaureate Primary and Middle Years Programmes it is important to understand the fundamental benefit of this type of education.

There are many clear advantages such as students becoming bilingual, access to the top universities worldwide, research skills and the list can go on.

But, underpinning all these benefits is the concept-based curriculum that IB has been recognized for and which has made the IB continuum one of the most distinguished educational programmes in the world.

So, what exactly is concept education? Concept based learning is about big transferable ideas that transcend time, place, situation. Concepts are a way to organize and make sense of learning. The world is changing, knowledge is changing. The ability to view the world with a more flexible mind is invaluable.

Most curriculums are content based and although some countries are moving to more concept based learning the progress has been very slow. Content just focuses on facts while concepts focuses on making sense of those facts and the world around us. Content can change, but concepts stay the same and content-based teaching may not get beyond information transmission which is very superficial learning.

Within the PYP there are eight key concepts: Form, Function, Causation, Change, Connection, Perspective, Responsibility and Reflection. As children go through the PYP they come to these concepts and are encouraged to think and work more widely as they apply the concepts.

One important factor to remind us all is that we still need facts and knowledge. It is almost impossible to be able to teach concepts without knowledge. Children still need the literacy and numeracy skills to be able to work conceptually and so if one considers connection and causation then learning about the impact of weather in Ho Chi Minh City can be applied through connection and causation to other cities such as Jakarta, Amsterdam etc. and then application and understanding can be deepened and understood.

It is the most significant aspect of the IB continuum and as children grow older it becomes evident when comparing IB students to non IB students. Hence the reason for so many universities actively seek IB students for their degree courses.

Director of Studies
Mr. Robin Klymow


Tesla Talk Week November 20th 2020

Ms. Dien

MYP Coordinator

Dear Parents and Guardians,

After producing a painting of the favorite fruit, Grade 3 students were very excited to continue their 3D artwork as well as arranging gifts for Vietnamese Teacher’s Day.

The students have been learning how to use cardboard as recycling materials for making their 3D pineapples.

Student formed the pineapples’ shape from the milk boxes they collected from the canteen, and then created their own patterns on that kind of fruit.

Not only learning art, students learn how to save materials, no chopping many trees in the forests as their actions.

We are proud of our students’ thoughts and their actions.

And here are those pictures:


Tesla Talk Week November 20th 2020 Tesla Talk Week November 20th 2020


On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, Tesla would like to send our best wishes to all of our teachers. We wish you all good health and happiness with this noble teaching career.

“Under the sun, no more noble professions of teaching” – said Comenxki, one of the most respected educators of the world. Once again, we would like to extend our deep gratitude to teachers for their dedication to education.
Let’s see the lovely moments of Tesla children in Vietnamese Teachers’ Day activities!


Tesla Talk Week November 20th 2020 Tesla Talk Week November 20th 2020


The lesson helps children to understand the meaning of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, develop their emotions, show respect and gratitude to the teachers.

Before that, teachers prepared a lot of colorful materials to help children practice their ingenuity. Children made lovely cards with meaningful wishes. Caring and sharing is also what Tesla wants to shape among students.

Tesla Talk Week November 20th 2020


The world of color always attracts children. Early identification of colors will help children explore the surrounding world passionately and stimulate their creativity.

Voyager class childrens had memorable experiences when participating in the class “Variation in color”. Childrens were free to choose and use many different colors to create their pictures.

Benefits of “Variation in color” class:
_ Help children identify color.
_ Use color to paint and decorate.
_ Learn about how colors change when blending.
_ Improve skill of observation.

Tesla Talk Week November 20th 2020 Tesla Talk Week November 20th 2020



Children are acquainted with science and technology early will have a very good foundation for thinking. This method helps children have a positive attitude to science, stimulate creativity and to acquire knowledge quickly.
‍At Tesla, science and technology are part of the curriculum. The practical application class will help children have fun while learning, encourage children to ask questions, learn new ideas and willing to participate in science courses.

Tesla Talk Week November 20th 2020


In the English lesson of Teacher Ciara, elementary students continue to experience an exciting time learning foreign languages. Through English lessons combining vivid images and exciting activities, children are naturally acquired knowledge and memorized in the classroom.
Benefit of a visually vivid English learning method
_  Speak English accurately and naturally.
_  Quick learning, long-lasting memory.
_ Increase the ability of thinking and practicing.
_ Confidently communicate with other people.

Tesla Talk Week November 20th 2020

Tesla Talk Week November 20th 2020


Scientific research shows that: music helps students gain a lot of advantages in learning. Connecting with music improves children’s brain development. Therefore, every week, Tesla’s students will study with a variety of musical instruments and take part in many exciting extracurricular activities in music room.
Benefit of music:
_ Stimulate brain development.
_ Develop emotional intelligence.
_ Practice discipline and patience.
_ Increase concentration.
_ Decrease stress from studying.

Tesla Talk Week November 20th 2020

Here are some reminders:
Early Years Students:

· The school will hold a Sports Day for students to raise funds and support people in the Central region on Thursday, November 26, 2020.

Primary students:

· If parents have any questions about your children’s learning, please contact the Homeroom Teacher through ManageBac;
· Primary students are pleased to wear “sports trainers” to school and are allowed to wear them in class starting November 16, 2020;
· The school will hold a Sports Day for primary students to raise funds and support people in the Central region on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

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