International boarding schools in Ho Chi Minh City

International boarding schools in Ho Chi Minh City

International boarding schools in Ho Chi Minh City with high-quality educational programs are the choice of many parents when meeting the daily needs of students. For their children to have the opportunity to practice independence, as well as many necessary skills for later life, parents have prioritized choosing an international boarding school for their children.   

The environment helps nurture independence at the international boarding school in Ho Chi Minh City 

Boarding students will study and live according to a reasonable timetable. Students have a chance to experience a miniature society. After finishing the daily schedule at school, students do their homework, self-study, and relax in the evening. Participating in a boarding environment, they may not be able to eat according to their preferences, do not have their room, or have the freedom to play the same as staying at home, but with the companionship of the teacher, they will gradually learn to adapt to the community, respect themselves and everyone.   

In a disciplined environment, students will cultivate self-discipline, independence, and courage, become more mature, and show their values. Living away from family requires bravery and high self-control. Without parental supervision, discipline will make a significant contribution to shaping children’s personalities and comprehensive development. Therefore, an international boarding school not only creates many opportunities for children to develop themselves but also parents have faith in both the educational program and the safety of their children.

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International boarding school in Ho Chi Minh City helps students develop independence

International Boarding School in Ho Chi Minh City – Great life skills training 

Life skills are what the education sector is interested in when students lack the necessary life skills in life. Therefore, international boarding schools have established a learning and living environment where children have practiced life skills right from their first years attending school.

Living away from home isn’t easy for students under 18. However, it is also a valuable experience that helps them practice skills to be proactive in life. They are empowered to think for themselves, make choices, solve problems, and take responsibility for all their actions. Life with friends of different ages creates conditions for children to develop self-awareness, and improve their cooperation, communication, and time-management skills. The practical experiences right from a young age will be the foundation for them to be flexible and adapt well to many different environments.

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International boarding school in Ho Chi Minh City

An international boarding school creates opportunities for children to practice life skills

Most parents in other provinces expect their children to have better opportunities to learn foreign languages when they decide to send their children to international boarding schools in Ho Chi Minh City. Attending the international learning environment, they have chances to interact with native teachers, access modern educational methods to hone their knowledge and skills, and achieve their goals of entering university or studying abroad. Therefore, parents need to look for reputable and quality international boarding schools carefully, and Tesla International School should be considered as its safe, comfortable, and cozy boarding area; to meet students’ learning, living and recreational needs.

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Located in one of the highest standard villas, the Tesla School’s boarding house is spaciously designed, fully furnished, and meets safety standards. Outside of school hours, children can participate in sports activities at school. The boarding program of Tesla Education is completed and enhanced to meet the needs of students’ learning, living, entertainment, health care, and nutrition. Attending an international boarding school in Ho Chi Minh City such as Tesla is an opportunity for students to develop both knowledge, personality, and skills when living and studying in a quality educational environment. 

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