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Tesla Talk Week March 26th 2021

Tesla Education 26 Mar, 2021 10:00 am
Tesla Talk Week March 26th 2021
Robin Klymow
Director of Studies

Newsletter 26th March, 2021

Research studies show that all students — young and old, rich and poor, urban and rural— benefit immensely from classrooms filled with art, creativity, and laughter. Fun, playfulness, creative thinking, and individual expression reinforce positive experiences, which in turn lead to more engaged students, better classroom environments, and successful learning outcomes. Teachers can develop a playful mindset for giving students meaningful, relevant and fun learning experiences.

1. Provide meaningful experiences that will benefit students both in school and later in life.
2. Combine the principles of PLAY with traditional curricula to encourage creative learning.
3. Promote trust, collaboration, and growth in students.
4. Develop a playful mindset for bringing the arts into every lesson.
5. Foster critical thinking in any school community.

We must not be afraid of the wordplay as I have written before. What we must be more careful about is the overloading of students with assessments that do little except  test short-term knowledge retention. If we truly want our children to be more creative and exhibit those attributes of the IB Learner Profile then we need to accept what research has shown us about learning in a transdisciplinary way with an inquiry focus that puts children at the center of learning rather than the teacher.

Thank you,

Robin Klymow
Director of Studies

Tesla Talk Week March 26th 2021
Ms. Ciara Lucey

English UOI Teacher

In this unit, Grade 1 students have been learning about their 5 senses. As we learned about our sense of taste, students had the opportunity to undertake a blind taste test. Students were blindfolded and given a sample of 4 different foods. Each student had to identify the taste they were faced with; sweet, sour, salty and bitter. We developed our curiosity for risk-taking skills as all students willingly tasted all food samples in front of them without fear or hesitation. A great learning experience was had by all students and teachers.

Tesla Talk Week March 26th 2021
Mr. Carlos Boyano

ICT&AI Teacher

The students on Grade 1 worked on the animation of a Christmas Tree Light Show using Scratch. The students were able to create an animation where the balls on the Christmas tree change color.

Tesla Talk Week March 26th 2021

Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Dien

MYP Coordinator

Book Week Begins! At Monday’s assembly, our students and teachers dressed up as characters from well-known books.  Da Hee, a Grade 4 student, was a Korean princess. Phuc, another Grade 4 student, dressed up as a praying mantis. The librarian, Ms. Claire, wore a white dress inside a long red coat. Many students guessed she was the witch from Harry Potter but, in fact, she was Little Red Riding Hood. Tesla Book week is great fun! Students learn how important books are. When reading for pleasure becomes a habit, it not only improves students’ reading skills but their writing skills too!

Tesla Talk Week March 26th 2021
Ms. Claire Yvanwee Ocampo

Teacher Librarian

This week has been filled with joy and entertainment. Learning Resource Centre’s first ever “Book Week” overflowed of laughter and imagination. Students showed their love for books as they dressed up as their favorite book character, exhibit their confidence through acting and multi-lingual storytelling, and the talent for creativity by making their own stories and poetries besides arts and crafts. Parents’ enthusiasm was felt too when they took part by volunteering to read books in front of our students. Teachers’ had fun incorporating their lessons to our week’s activities to promote the reading culture and literacy.

Book Week was completely embraced by everyone and will now be part of Tesla’s tradition.

Tesla Talk Week March 26th 2021
Cô Christine Byrne

Giám đốc Tuyển sinh

Understanding Kindergarten (KG) at TESLA SCHOOL

Tesla is now a candidate for the IBPYP; IBMYP; IBDP and that means that Grade KG is the first year of Primary School, the same as all other IB World Schools around the globe.  At Tesla, KG children (aged 5yrs – 6yrs) are beginning their International Baccalaureate (IB) journey in the first year of Primary School.  This is very different from the Vietnamese National curriculum, where they begin Primary School when moving to Gr 1 (6yrs – 7yrs).

KG is a period of tremendous cognitive growth. Children at this age are undergoing a large amount of change very quickly and are learning to see the world in many new and interesting ways. However, it’s also important to realize that even at this early stage, there are fundamental skills that children need to acquire in order to be successful later in life. These core cognitive skills will help them be successful at an early age, but children will also build upon those skills as they get older. Each week in Tesla Talk we will introduce you to 5 core skills for KG to develop. Today we introduce the fourth important and foundation skill:

Distinguishing between a story and a fact.

KG students spend a lot of time working with stories. They listen to stories, write their own stories, and read simple stories. Of course, many will be works of fiction, and it will be very important for them to understand that not all stories are true. It’s important for them to understand and appreciate that factual events are not in the same category as fictional events.

The ability to identify what is a fact is a critical skill that everyone needs throughout their lifetimes. Well into adulthood, it’s important to be able to distinguish between fact and fiction. This skill is important both because it’s needed in school and because it will help kids as they become adults and learn to distinguish the difference between facts and stories. This is a skill that students should learn early in life since it will continue with them well into adulthood.

At Tesla KG is our first year of Primary School and therefore we know that it is important to begin teaching KG children, critical thinking, communication, and other core skills as early as possible. These are building blocks upon which students will continue to rely as they grow older. Without establishing these skills early in life, students will be left at a disadvantage as they continue to move into higher levels of education.

Highlights of Phu Nhuan Campus

The weather is so hot, the students are so excited to swim! Coming to TESLA, children experience many activities every Wednesday, especially they become lovely angels in the pool.


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