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Tesla Talk Week August 28th 2020

Tesla Education 28 Aug, 2020 9:00 am

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the first of what will be weeklynewsletters from Tesla that should come into your mailbox every Friday. The purpose is to keep you informed of news and reminders of what is happening at Tesla as we progress through what will be quite a significant year as we develop the teaching and learning for all students at the school and manage the growth as enrolment develops.

This first newsletter is by way of introducing myself as I am Robin Klymow who has been working on the Advisory Board, but now I have stepped into the role of Director of Studies to ensure the continuum of learning for students and to ensure we meet our strategic goals. I have always been impressed by the community feel the school has and now I am here full time I can see it in many areas of the work that is being done. I must admit that the students are very outgoing and have been most polite and friendly and I think that is testament to both parents and teachers who have instilled in them some good habits and courtesies.

I want to use this newsletter to remind you of our workshop this Saturday,August 29th, 2020 starring at 08:30 In the Dance/ Music room- Tesla Tan Binh Campus. The workshop will give you some information regarding how the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme(IBPYP) approach builds on the MOET curriculum. This is a two year development that will start with the school being given candidate status to plan and implement the approach. The workshop will give you an overview of some of the initial steps and will also give you time to ask questions and consider the planning taking place.

We will be offering workshops on a monthly basis so you as parents understand the developments we are making and how they add deeper skills for the students at Tesla. Please look out for the

information that we will be sending out to you all and I do hope that I can meet many of you this Saturday.

Finally, it is perhaps one of the most dramatic years for our planet due to Covid19. I know I feel fortunate to be here in Vietnam where the country has worked so hard to contain a major outbreak. Do not forget that children can be very worried by what is going on and not always understanding the impact. So, at the forefront of for all us us is the wellbeing of children, not only physically, but mentally too. It is good to keep talking sometimes about Covid19 to understand how some children might be thinking about it. We have attached our advice ad rules regarding Covid19 prevention with this newsletter as it might be a way of discussing further with you child(ren) their current thoughts.

Thank you and hope to see you Saturday morning for the works.

Mr. Robin Klymow
Director of Studies Tesla School

Tesla Talk Week August 28th 2020


Dear Parents,

1. Temperature checking: before coming to school, students, parents and guest need to be have a temperature checking, if the result is more than 5 degree celsius, people will not be allowed to enter to school.

2. Transparent information and communication: The school informs regularly and openly about the situation and communicates relevant measures.

3. Balance of personal freedom and community: All take responsibility for the balance between personal freedom and protection of the community.

4. Hygiene is important: Everyone washes their hands regularly and protects others when they sneeze or cough.

5. Social distancing: We will observe social distancing regulations, and the 2m distance rule, wherever possible.

6. Reduction of large group contacts: Where possible, we will keep group gatherings to classes.

7. Classrooms and seating arrangements: Classes take place in classrooms/laboratories and studios with appropriate seating arrangements and appropriate ventilation as defined by the teacher/school.

8. Staggered meal times: Food will be served at staggered times.

9. Masks in public areas: Where we cannot uphold social distancing rules, wearing a facemask is situations where symptoms are evident (e.g. coughing, temperature etc.).

10. Preventive testing: The school will test students when returning from risk areas and in situations where symptoms are evident (e.g. coughing, temperature,…).

11. Handling of symptoms: If symptoms occur, It is important that parents inform the school immediately and students stay at home.

12. Immediately notify school and REQUIRED Sickness if signs of fatigue, vomiting, or fever appear.

13. According to the Ministry of Health information, the school will limit the use of air-conditioning in the process of taking care of children at school, ventilate classrooms and remind students to drink water (If the air conditioner is turned on, the room temperature is 27 degrees).

14. For elementary children, parents should wear a mask for their children when coming to class (encourage each student to have 02 masks/school day to replace at noon time).

15. It is compulsory to wear a mask when entering school, in case parents do not wear masks when bringing students into class, the school will refuse to accept parents on school premises.

16. All departmental departments must clean the work area and seats in orderly, clean and airy manner.

17. For teachers – staff

  • – Clean hands before scanning fingerprints with antiseptic solution.
  • – Meet the medical or security guard recorded in body temperature information.
  • – Clean hands before entering class with antiseptic solution.
  • – Isolate personal belongings: bags, coats, shoes, hats by putting them in a locker or in a fastened plastic.
  • – Wash your hands often and properly with soap.
  • – Cleaning technology equipment, computer keyboards, desk phones, personal phones, kid games with 90 degree alcohol solution every day, children go to school.
  • – Clean layers and bathrooms with an antiseptic Specially the area in front of the door, locker, doorknob and locker.8) Wash towels, drinking cups with hot water / or steam over 60 degrees when possible.

18. Teacher reminds students:

  • – Sanitize hands before entering class, before eating, after eating, and drinking with antiseptic solution.
  • – Isolate bags, coats.
  • – Wash your hands often and properly with soap.
  • – Drink water regularly. Use the cup with the student’s name. Cover the muic mouth when you cough or sneeze.
  • – Send soft pillows home and wash in hot water once a week on Friday.

19. Kitchen department provides food:

  • – Tidy uniforms, hats, masks, hats, gloves.
  • – Disinfect the entire cafeteria, trolleys, and eating utensils.
  • – Strictly equipped according to one-way kitchen regulations.
  • – Adjustments to avoid fried foods in menus.
  • – Use only cooked food.

Increase 1 drink of lemon/passion fruit juice/day for students.

Tesla Talk Week August 28th 2020


The project “Understand Yourself” has been implemented with many different classes and activities to provide students with full knowledge and personal skills. Self-knowledge, self-confidence to learn, and willing to explore are the factors that the project wants to teach students. Students attend to discuss with each other about the contents to learn and set up a project network. Students learn about the external and internal parts of the body, be trained and strengthened through Multi -Sport sports lessons. At the same time, enhancing the ability to interact and communicate in English with amazing lessons for students.

Ms Le Thi Hong Son – Yearly Year Principal

Tesla Talk Week August 28th 2020

Tesla Talk Week August 28th 2020

Tesla Talk Week August 28th 2020


– New Library
– New Art room

Tesla Talk Week August 28th 2020


Tesla Talk Week August 28th 2020

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