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What is special about Tesla Education of “The Brain Vietnam” Ngo The Anh?

Tesla Education 31 May, 2023 11:02 am

The audience of “The Brain Vietnam” must not have forgotten the excellent “number jump” performance of 7-year-old boy Ngo The Anh. In order to be able to fully promote his talent, his family has trusted in choosing Tesla School as the foundation for the learning and growing pathway of their child.

Inter-level programme with international standards

Recently, Tesla Education has officially achieved its goal of becoming an IB World School accredited by the IB Organization. Officially appearing on the IB World map, Tesla is allowed to use the IB‘s logo and is authorized to provide the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (from Early Years to Grade 5). In addition, Tesla is also a candidate for the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (grades 6 to 10) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (grades 11 to 12). 

Established and developed in Sweden – the country with the highest educational quality in the world, the IB programme is trusted by powers such as the United States, Australia, etc. Designed for children from 3 to 19 years old, the IB program provides comprehensive development in all 4 core aspects including: Intellectual, Emotional, Personal and Soft Skills instead of just encapsulated in forms of assessment based on scores or rankings. No longer absorbing one-sided knowledge, the IB program helps to “activate” the learners’ critical thinking to the maximum, respecting different ideas and thinking, thereby helping students to truly be independent on the journey of knowledge search and global integration. 

With a wide and globally recognized network, the IB programme is seen as a bridge to help learners connect, understand and appreciate cultural diversity. Around the world, the IB programme has been recognized by 150 countries, including leading countries in learning such as the US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. Due to the rigorous standards and requirements of the programme, ownership an IB degree means holding the opportunity to enroll in the most prestigious international universities.

What is special about Tesla Education of "The Brain Vietnam" Ngo The Anh?
The International Baccalaureate Programme is an early investment in your child's University

In Vietnam, Tesla Education is one of 20 schools recognized and authorized by the IB Organization. With a team of experienced teachers, modern facilities to fully meet the needs of academic, physical and skill development, Telsa School is a place for parents who want to give their children an early access to an international standard education.

Discovering personal qualities towards comprehensive development

Far different from imagination, finding a suitable learning environment for The Anh is not easy. With natural abilities, “talented little kid” have a hard time integrating with his peers. Before knowing Tesla, The Anh’s father was always worried about his son’s closed-off personality. Before joining Tesla, The Anh’s education was a very difficult problem for the family. Every time I take my child to school, I stay to talk and encourage him that when you come to class, you just need to interact and play with friends. However, The Anh still wants to leave school and stay at home,” he shared.


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Fortunately, after two years of studying at Tesla, The Anh has really changed when the educational environment offers the opportunity to develop comprehensively in learning abilities and life skills. The personalized education method helps The Anh to discover many difficult and in-depth knowledge of his two favorite subjects, Math and Science – Technology. Not only theoretical, The Anh is encouraged to pose problems or embark on experiments, giving personal opinions to practice critical thinking.

This is also a unique plus point of IB compared to other traditional curricula: instead of passively absorbing lessons from one side, students will become “masters” of their knowledge. Students are encouraged to be more independent in class in particular and in learning in general, thereby understanding that learning is not only limited to school but also a “lever” to help learners go further in their career. 

What is special about Tesla Education of "The Brain Vietnam" Ngo The Anh?
Classes break out of the traditional "pathway", promoting independence and creativity

In addition, Tesla School also focuses on the application of transdisciplinary knowledge, an important element of a liberal arts education, focusing on holistic potential. To adapt to constant changing world, mastering just one area is not enough, but it also requires understanding and thinking of many different fields. In addition to his superior logic ability, The Anh is also provided with background knowledge about Culture, History, Geography, etc. to expand understanding for debates when working on projects or working in groups.

At the same time, the Integrated International Baccalaureate Programme at Tesla also aims to balance learning and playing to develop a variety of skills for students. Sports and Arts activities outside of the classroom provide an open and friendly exchange environment, helping The Anh become more energetic and confident. From purely passionate about books or competitions, he actively made friends and took on leadership positions when working in groups. Those soft skills are not always prioritized in traditional education focused only on achievement like Vietnam.

Parents of The Anh are very happy to see that their child has made many positive changes when participating in Tesla School’s Integrated International Baccalaureate Programme: “Really happy because in such a short time, my child has quickly integrated with his friends, gradually take responsibility, love to go to school and especially, his academic results exceed the family’s expectations. In particular, he is happy to go to school every day. For me, this is more important”.

What is special about Tesla Education of "The Brain Vietnam" Ngo The Anh?
Tesla Integrated International Baccalaureate Programme aims to balance learning and playing

The Anh and impressive milestones at Tesla School

During his time at Tesla Primary Years Programme (PYP), The Anh received a lot of attention and support for his passion for research. From 2022 until now, he has won many awards such as: First prize of LAZ Reading Competition, Gold Medal of Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO), Gold Award of Online Math Competition with participation of 81 countries and Bronze Prize in the FISO Online Olympiad in English. 

These awards are evidence of the great potential that continues to be discovered from The Anh. Appreciating the academic achievements as well as the desire to invest in the future of “talented kid”, Tesla Education continues to award scholarships to The Anh when transitioning to Middle Years Programme (MYP) next school year.

“We hope he has the opportunity to develop his potential and become a talented contributor to the country,” said the school’s representative.

In the future, the Integrated International Baccalaureate Programme at Tesla Education promises to continue to unleash the potential of genius like The Anh as well as many generations of students with the desire to reach the international level.

Learn more about the Integrated IB Programme at Tesla Education: HERE.


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