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Practicing self-study skills with online learning

Tesla Education 24 Sep, 2021 9:00 am

Online learning is a sensational issue that society is paying great attention to. It is not only a challenge for the education industry but also a good opportunity for students to practice their self-study skills through online learning.

Opportunity to hone self-study skills while learning online

Traditional learning method: “direct interaction between teachers-students” in the classroom cannot meet the requirements of safe learning in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learning at home is a big challenge, but it is also a chance for students to practice an extremely necessary skill for learning – self-study skill.

It can be said that the essence of online learning is “guided self-study”. Teachers are only guides and supporters while students play a central role in their own learning. The teacher is the one who poses the problem, using suggestive methods to let the students approach and find solutions to the problem. Using self-study skills and exploring knowledge independently through a variety of learning media, students will complete the assignment effectively. Finally, teachers and students will discuss together to come to a conclusion for the posed problem. The current popularity of online education is an opportunity to foster and provide tools to help children develop their self-study skills.

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Online education is an opportunity to help children develop their self-study skills

How to support students in developing self-study skills?

Teachers demonstrate and encourage curiosity

Online learning enables students to demonstrate their agency and autonomy. If the teacher acts as a companion on the students’ learning path, the teacher will be considered by the students as their friend. This mindset also leads to students and teachers being able to work together to find the best possible online learning method.

Create conditions for students to choose their own way of learning

Self-study skills develop when students are empowered to choose how they learn and how they achieve goals. Online learning gives students more time to study on their own. They can also create discussions, work in online groups with classmates to complete assignments. As a result, their problem-solving skills, critical thinking and technology mastery will be greatly enhanced.

Encourage students to reflect

Pressure of online learning often comes from teachers not having the opportunity to interact directly with students, so class time is when teachers should enhance the reflection of the students. Students need time to adapt to the changes, so teachers should closely monitor their progress to guide and promptly support if they have any difficulty in learning. When connection and reflection is established, students will be more active when learning at home.

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