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Electrical safety for children when learning online

Tesla Education 15 Sep, 2021 11:28 am

In addition to several difficulties in online learning such as lack of concentration and overexposure to technology devices, parents also face other concerns when allowing their children to use electrical devices. Therefore, it is essential that we ensure electrical safety for children when learning online and equipping them with problem-solving skills, especially those in primary school.

Electrical safety for children when learning online at home

According to experts from the Vietnam Institute of Safety Science, electric shock is one of many extremely dangerous accidents for children. In particular, accidents related to electrical appliances account for 50% of the injury children suffer at home.

Children are inherently hyperactive and love to explore. To ensure electrical safety for children during home learning, Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) has made a number of recommendations for parents, teachers and students:

It is necessary for parents and family members to understand their responsibilities to create a safe living environment for children, and at the same time guide them to actively prevent electrical accidents. When choosing and installing electrical equipment in the home, electrical safety must be ensured such as:

  • It is recommended to use sockets and plugs with 3 pins and 3 wires to prevent electrical leakage.
  • Choose socket models with a cover or add a waterproof cover when installing.
  • Electrical sockets and switches should be installed at a height of more than 1.4m so that children cannot reach them.

For teachers, before class, they will remind and guide children about safety skills when using electrical devices as well as preventing accidents and injuries at home. Continuous repetition of this will help students remember and form awareness and skills for them.

For students, it is necessary to be educated and understand electrical safety measures such as:

  • Make sure your hands are completely dry when using electrical equipment.
  • Do not insert your fingers or any other object into the power outlet.
  • Keep away from power cords and electrical equipment.
  • If an electrical appliance falls into a place with water, absolutely do not touch it, but immediately notify an adult.
  • If a toy falls into an electrical appliance, do not attempt to remove it yourself.
  • When you see that electrical equipment is damaged, frayed, open, etc., it must be reported to an adult immediately.
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Teaching childrens about electrical safety is incredibly important

5 ways to ensure electrical safety for children when learning online

1. Teach children the principles of safe electricity use

There is nothing better than having your child understand and actively implement the principles of electrical safety. Parents cannot keep an eye on their children 24/7. Teach your children how to be cautious and proactive when using electrical appliances in the house.

2. Keep an eye on children during class time

During class time, for older students, parents can let them study with the teacher on their own. However, parents should also regularly check for timely handling if any electrical accidents happen to the children.

3. Tell children to sit far away from the electrical outlet

Children are often curious about the objects around them, especially things within their reach. Parents should  It is recommended for parents to position the children’s desk far away from the electrical outlet or the outlet should be hidden behind furniture, so that the children are not curious and mess around when sitting alone.

4. Regularly check electrical appliances 

Electrical appliances when used for a long time can cause electric shock. Therefore, parents should it is recommended for parents to remember to check whether the electrical appliances in the house are having problems or not. For appliances that are too old, parents should also replace them with new equipment to ensure the electrical safety for the children, preventing any accidents while the children are learning online.

5. Fully charge learning devices

To be safe, parents can let children use laptops and tablets with fully charged batteries, which don’t need to be directly plugged in.

Hopefully some of the above sharing from Tesla will support parents in minimizing electrical accidents at home for their children.

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